Anyone else have a corgi from a one-pup only litter?  Is yours as crazy as mine? lol!  I've been talking to other corgi owners, and a lot of people have mentioned that maybe a lot of our issues with Frosty come from the fact that he was the only pup.  He is always mouthing on us and play biting, but amazingly he is the most ultra submissive dog I have ever seen.  He loves to play, but as soon as another dog comes up to him, he immediately throws himself on his back and puppy licks their face (he is 17 months old now).  Whenever he gets in trouble and we talk firmly to him (not even yelling), he throws himself on his back and wags his tail like mad.  He also chases his back feet (see video on my page) and sometimes his tail, which is hilarious, but I worry it might turn into an obsessive behavior, so I don't let him do it much.  Does anyone have a link to some good single pup litter personality info?  What funny habits does your singleton have?

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I don't think that throwing himself on his back for other dogs is because of him being the only pup. I have 3 that do this out of 6 and they all had littermates...I think it's more personality. For the mouthing(better than biting!) I also have some that do this. I've never had one chase their feet but my Bella chases her non existent tail! I don't believe it will be an obsession. Sorry mine were never single pups but had to share this, I also worried after reading your page what I would do if one of my females had one pup but just as for her health. It will be interesting to see how many other singletons there are out there!
While I don't have a single litter puppy these are good questions/thoughts. This never crossed my mind and now I'm curious too hehe.
No, he is actually a really, really awesome dog. He was a year old when we got him and the breeder kept warning us over and over that he was a spaz-tastic monster that would eat every object he could fit in his mouth and potty all over our house and never listen. In reality, he is probably the laziest 1 year old dog I have ever seen in my whole life. All you have to do is run him around for a good 15 minutes with the lazer pointer and he is ready for a 5 hour nap! lol! He potty trained fairly easily once we discovered where he was going in the house. He was not even close to the hassle we were expecting. And he is hilarious and cracks me up everyday!
We have a corgi from a single pup litter. She does act a bit crazy. She is a crazy licker. She licks your feet, she licks your face, she licks your hands, whatever she can reach. She has been corrected on this her whole life, but, she continues. She is also a stresser. She will stress out about odd things, quivering and whining about these things. She is also extremely willful, but, her sister from another litter is as well. She is very dominant as well, trying often to move up in the pack. She once tried to bump me out of the number two spot, which was great for a laugh after the situation was dealt with.

I've watched your videos of Frosty and I haven't seen him do anything one or another of our corgis do. Well, none of ours get their feet like Frosty, but I've seen them do the other things. (Ren, Charm, and Lucky don't like hot air balloons or helicopters, and bark at them like Frosty does.) I think that Frosty is just, well, just a corgi. I've yet to meet one that isn't a distinct individual personality. We have recently adopted a Cardi mix and I'm learning what people mean when they describe them as "clownish". He's a goof!

Have a great one, and keep those videos coming!
That's another thing I forgot to mention, Frosty is about the biggest whiner on he planet I think! He whines ALL the time, at everything. And he's a great big chicken and barks at everything from behind my legs, like I'm going to save him lol!
That's one thing I am super thankful for, Frosty hardly ever barks at anything!
My breeder has a singleton pup named Nessie, who is a little over a year old now. Nessie is a GORGEOUS dog, but she does have some behavior issues related to her singletonness. She is the Loch Ness Monster sometimes, lol. It's not that she's mean, she just doesn't know how to play with other dogs or how to react to new situations. She was very good when I first met her, but when we sat down to play, I realized she is extremely selfish! If I had a toy, she'd take it-- by force if necessary. If Waffle had a toy, same thing. When she got it, she dropped it immediately because she didn't actually want it... she just didn't want you to have it. She wouldn't play with the other dogs, but as soon as they turned their back she would stalk them (like a cat) and then jump them. The other dogs didn't want to play with her because of it. She can also be afraid of the silliest things, and definitely is shy of new people. I guess what it boils down to is, she's like a selfish 3 year old bully who is actually afraid of everything.


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