So I noticed Luca's favorite place to nap is on my shoes, particularly my boots. I think it's super cute.

just wondering if anyone else's sweeties do this? :]

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Yes, Dexter used to love sleeping/laying/playing on our shoes as a pup. If we couldn't hear him or see him we knew that was where he would be :)

very cute :]
Seanna's laying with her head on my foot as I type this...:-)
I'm not on my home computer to send pics but Wynn brings me shoes when I come home (doesn't matter who's) and sleeps with mine several times a day. You can see a couple pics of this on my page:)
our dogs are so quirky :]  i love it!
So if our dogs are so quirky does that also make we who love and understand(?) them so well  quirky also????
I'd say yes :D
Haha Shelby does this all the time. When my boyfriend comes home and takes off his boots she'll put her whole head in there and sleep. :) I'll post a picture as soon as I catch her in the act! :)
aww i just love the pics! i dont have any of teddy doing it but my cat yoda and teddy just love to cuddle up on our shoes for a quick snooze in the middle of the day. they have done this ever since they meet:)
Scout always claims her spot on any clothes that I happen to leave laying on my bed (jeans, shirt, coats etc.)  Just washed my newest coat a couple days ago and was amazed at the amount of Corgi hair I found in the lint trap.


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