Stanley loves sleeping on tile and unfortunately, we have a very limited amount in our apartment. We moved recently and the layout of our new place is different. It used to be that I could see Stanley sleep on the tile from the couch but now the tile by the front door is down a hallway. So we were thinking of constructing something "comfy" for him to sleep on that can reside in our living room. Has anyone bought a piece of tile or something similar for their corgis to sleep on? I know it's sort of an odd question but I figured there was no better place to ask ;)

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We only have tile in the bathrom and Shiro tries to sneak in there and lay down behind the toilet all the time.
Once he slept there all night and next day got pneumonia. It was poorly done anesthesia a day before, but I wonder if sleeping on cold floor contributed to his condition.
When the bathroom door is closed he sleeps against the doors around the living room (3).
I've never heard of anyone making a tile bed for their dog, but I do have a flat marble for my chinchilla (called chin chiller ).
Tucker likes to lay up against the bathtub -that way he has cool surfaces on two sides! Sometimes he will be upstairs on his own for a while and very quiet so I think he is up to no good and I find him sleeping against the tub looking all innocent.

We don't have any other tile - just wood floors and carpet. In the living room he is usually on the leather couch or on the floor -raralely does he lay on the cozy area rug. We always want them to have comfy dog beds and they love the cold hard floor best!

If tile makes Stanley happy than by all means he should have a tile bed! Maybe you can find a corgi size slab of tile or marble and then you can just slide it under the couch when you don't want it out.
Hmmm...sounds like Stanley likes it cool. I noticed a"Canine Cooler Therapeutic Pad" in the latest "In the Company of Dogs" catalog. It's like a cool dog bed.
Ein agrees with Stanley! Tile or hardwood floor are the best, especially in hot days. I noticed the same thing as CorGeek, cooling dog beds/mats!
It is not odd. I would not waste money on it, you can just look on craigslist for some tile. People often have a few left over peices that are useless because they cannot use it for another project. You can do something simply like make a small pine frame and place the tile(s) flat in it with a little grout to hold it together if you want. I am sure there would be a way to do it. Miranda likes the slate on the fireplace and she LOVEs my grandmothers central A/C. She is a smart cookie!
Great idea!
I don't even think you'd have to bother with grout, since its just for the pup to lay on, the tiles can be right next to each other.

So just a square of plywood, adhesive and tile on top.
Great tip :)
Thanks for the tip!
My mom has a tile thing under her fireplace in the living room, It's on top of the carpet. I will try to take a pic of it tomorrow for you to see. Kota likes to lay on the linoleum in front of where the Swamp cooler is...
Grissom liked to lay on the tile in my old aparement, but in my house the kitchen is the only tile, and that's the one and only off limits zone for the dogs. He has now retreated to the office mat that sits under the desk. You know, the hard plastic mat things you put under an office desk and chair so the wheels on the chair still roll rather than being stuck in the carpet.
ein will only sleep on tile. he sleeps in the master bathroom but not on any of the mats. he just loves the sensation of the cold tile on his belly. we bought him a pet bed and he only pees on it. lol. nope, he's just a simple dog that likes cold floors :)


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