Does anyone else's corgi do this thing where they throw there neck and face on top of yours, having a smothering effect punctuated with the occasional face lick?

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I'm not sure if it's the same thing, but Waffle will roll on someone's head the way he would roll in a particularly fragrant patch of grass.  It's him saying "Wow, I want to smell like you!" It's not possessive, but again, I don't know if it's the same thing.

Or maybe he wants you to smell like him? lol

Actually I think you're right.

Yep, both mine love to do this to my husband lol.

Yes, Foxy does that to me in the morning sometimes in bed.  Her little neck fits on mine just like a puzzle piece.

Mine does this too when I insist he snuggles with me. What an adorable picture!

It's a cute thing. He just wants to be closer to his pack. :)

Bear does this to me in the morning as I waken.  He places his muzzle across my throat, looks at me quietly, then an occasional lick until I respond.  If it were not for his doggie breath.....  How I love him....

Yes, Bentley does this to me frequently in the morning while he is sharing my pillow.  I often get a Bentley  neck or face on top of my neck or face.

Trouble started this as soon as we got her.  Up the back of my neck, slurping and crawling until she reached my face and I woke up.  Only time of the day she does it.



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