So annoyed right now!!! And I don't know where to post this but it is corgi behavior related

I'm at my fiancé's dads house and they muzzled our dog without asking us - this is the second time they've done this!! The first time was a shock collar. I morally do not believe in either of these methods - but he did it because moose was barking because his other dog was barking so they muzzled our dog. I'm sitting outside their house right now on my phone so pissed off that I don't want to go back in. I understand that he has show dogs and they can't bark but that's no reason to muzzle our fricking dog without asking us!! I don't cate if his dad has partial ownership, it's our dog, he lives with us and we should be the ones to make these kind of decisions. 

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Wow. I'm so sorry you are having problems with other people disciplining your dog. I don't like it either. What did you do the first time this happened? Are you able to talk to him about it and maybe come up with an alternate way for him to keep your doggie from barking that both of you can agree on? I know it can be difficult. Hugs and corgi kisses from me and Kota
That would definitely not be cool with me either. I too have show dogs, and I would never use a shock collar or a muzzle to stop one of my dogs from barking, I most certainly would not on someone else's dog without permission. The only time I ever use a muzzle on someone else's dog is when I am grooming them, and the owner knows ahead of time. I do this because I have been bit by a dog, one that I knew even, because he was scared by the blow dryer. Now I do require any dogs that aren't mine to be muzzled while I groom them because I can't trust a dog that's not mine to not bite me. However, what your fiance's dad has done is not okay, IMO. Have you tried talking to him? If that doesn't get you anywhere, it may be that Moose just doesn't need to stay with him unless you are there too. I know it's tough. Sorry you are having to deal with this.
Wow. Not cool at all. If you marry and have kids..... will he duct tape the grandkids to the wall? You may have guessed that I am generally against muzzling.... Good Luck to you and Moose.
I went in and took it off him and took him for a walk. Last time I told Brian it pissed me off and he looked at it through his dads standpoint. When I took moose out if the kennel he was scratching it off his face. I didn't say anything but I'm thinking Brian might have. I told Brian we won't bring moose anymore if his dad and stepmom are going to do something to our dog without our permission
Would you want him to come to you and ask for your permission? Be calm and confront him directly, say "when you do this... I feel like this..." if not, this will continue to build up and blow up in your face down the road. Communication goes both ways, if you don't let the other person know that his action is hurting you, they will assume that it is okay and continue or escalate. If you've voiced your concern and he still disregard your opinion, then you have every right to be upset and vow not to go back again with your dog. Communicate and speak up, men are thick and we prefer direct communication :)
Were the ground rules for dual partnership established brfore hand? Was there any decision made on how the both families will have an input in the life of the dog(s)? I hope it is too late to discuss this. Have some foundation set on how each person views discipline and definitely give your opinion on what you believe is appropriate treatment of the dog. I will refrain from saying what I may do if someone did that to my corgi :). Seriously though try discussing the issue before it gets worse. I have never heard of anyone who shows dogs using a shock collar OMG...not cool those things are.....
The only rules he made us aware of is that he wanted to possibly breed moose someday. I didn't think they wouldcw done what they did twice. We usually bring moose out so he can play with other dogs plus he has a fenced in backyard. Moose only barks when other dogs bark. 
I'm with Sam; please speak up! If he is part-owner and breeds and shows, he might just have assumed the I"m the expert here so of course I'll make the decisions" attitude.

Telling him that you think methods he uses on his dogs are not acceptable will backfire, even though this is your dog and you have every right to feel that way. I would try something like "I have great respect for all your dog knowledge. We have raised Moose a little differently than you raise your dogs, which is just our preference, and we ask you to consult with us before doing anything with Moose, unless it's a serious emergency." Then like Sam said "Because when you xxx, I feel xxx". "When you discipline him, it makes me feel like he's not really our dog." Something like that.

I know it's upsetting. Good luck.
It doesn't sound like he's trying to train Moose, just bully him. And for what reason? There are several ways to get a dog to stop barking and none of them involves pain and fear. What he's doing is sending the wrong message to Moose. Maybe he should try out the shock collar himself to see what it's like. Sam's advice is really good. You and Brian need to join forces and present a united front about sweet Moose. (Love the name!)
Good luck!
Barb & Bailey
Sam's right on. I would add that your fiancé should be speaking up too. If as an adult he can't stand up to his father and defend his soon-to-be-wife in this situation then there are other issues lurking.
I would be soooo pissed off with the shock collar!! Thats terrible. There are other ways to stop barking, and eitherway he should be asking if he could do these things.
Mini Update:

my fiance agreed with me and was trying to look at it from both sides (his dad's side with having show dogs, and then our side that we don't want it done) and I told him that morally, I don't approve of it. he IS our dog, we are raising him. Blatantly put it too that if they are going to continue using a shock collar and/or muzzle on OUR dog, we will not take Moose over there anymore, and that will be all there is to it. We're supposed to be going over tomorrow so we'll see what happens. Last time they didn't want to let the corgis out for too long because it was really hot out, but I might see about letting Moose out anyway and putting water out with him for a little bit.

It just really really irked me that his dog was barking first, and that's why Moose barked. Moose is a PERFECTLY quiet dog (unless he knows we're still home when we are leaving to go somewhere, and he can hear us, he barks and that's only for 5-10 minutes) and when another dog barks at him first.


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