So annoyed right now!!! And I don't know where to post this but it is corgi behavior related

I'm at my fiancé's dads house and they muzzled our dog without asking us - this is the second time they've done this!! The first time was a shock collar. I morally do not believe in either of these methods - but he did it because moose was barking because his other dog was barking so they muzzled our dog. I'm sitting outside their house right now on my phone so pissed off that I don't want to go back in. I understand that he has show dogs and they can't bark but that's no reason to muzzle our fricking dog without asking us!! I don't cate if his dad has partial ownership, it's our dog, he lives with us and we should be the ones to make these kind of decisions. 

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I know this may be way out of line mostly because I don't know the original situation but is there a way to get out of the dual ownership?

I'm sorry I would be extremely pissed if this happened to us. Though I am very outspoken so a few words would have come out the moment that shock collar came out. It's almost an unspoken rule to not tell someone else how to train their dog unless they are physically/emotionally damaging said dog (friendly suggestions being ok).

Even if he is a dual owner as you said YOU are raising the pup not him. I hope everything goes well this time. Sorry I held back a lot in this post.
Leave as soon as you can, but be nice about it. Don't take your dog back there, it sounds like they are "control" freaks. That was very rude on their part. Unfortunatly, this will probably affect you and your fiance's relationship and take this as a "gift" for both of you to talk it out and figure it out together. You need to stand your ground with your beloved dog, and also be nice about it.
We ultimately decided to not take moose out there anymore. We plan on getting another corgi in the next year so he won't be alone, and my friend brings her puppy over for puppy playdates and he plays with the neighbors dogs also. 


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