Mine have several quirks, but the one I find most amusing is Koda sitting on his rear legs only, with his front legs off the ground. Please share your stories and pictures! :)
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I have been teaching Snickers to back up. She will only go so far and then refuses to get further from me (and the treats). If I keep telling her to back up she will bark at me. In obedience class we were working on "go to your bed". She knows this one at home, but at class, she will not go more than that set distance; she has determined that she does not need to get further from me than that.

I'm not even sure I could list them all, he is one strange dog!

He must ALWAYS play with his cookie before eating it, he lifts it up and throws it in the air, bounces like a bunny...lays down like he is done and not interested in eating it and repeats until he finally decides to eat it.

If I grab my purse and say "I'm going to the store" he goes to his crate ( I now leave it open while I leave but he still does it) Billy goes EVERYWHERE with me including work Mon-Friday so it's funny that he actually knows when he is not coming with.

Something that I kinda worry about because it seems he is VERY nervous while doing it but is still funny, If I leave him in the truck to run into pay for gas or something THAT FAST when I get back he grabs his squeeky duck and pushes it against me squeeking it a million times and makes a whine sound.


He sighs like a bad kid when he doesn't get his way.


When were driving he sits like a man with his arm on the arm rest


He is starting to mimick me while I talk, its creepy...he moves his mouth like he is talking...

That is hysterical, I love the picture in the car!! My Koda sighs when he is impatient or wants me to do something for him, LOL.

When we first got Phoebe we started having group hugs, Eric and I with her in between licking us.  As she got older and bigger we didn't do it daily anymore so now whenever we hug each other she runs over to be included.  This is also as we drink tea in the morning - she loves all of our heads together while she gives us big kisses.  Really endearing....

When DH and I kiss / hug, Lilly has to run up and start kissing Brody on the mouth.  He doesn't really like this very much so he growls and tries to turn his head away, this just gets her to jump up and kiss his mouth.

When Snickers wants the person or dog she is playing with to hurry up she clicks her teeth. Like she is snapping the air.


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