As you can see in the pic, WINNIE is very, very convinced there is SOMETHING BAD in the fireplace.

My TV table is tucked back into a non-used fireplace with a sealed ( I hope) chimney above.

Several months ago Winnie would NOT leave that spot: I took everything down, barricaded the fireplace (I have had squirrels in the house in the past and didn't want to go to bed with a pest loose in the house.

After removing everything and waiting a day her interest waned. This morning she's back at it and has hardly left the spot all day.  I've crawled inside and examined the chimney---nothing but 2 tiny bird feathers on the fireplace floor.  I haven't heard a peep all day, nor are there any tell-tale dropping from a mouse or squirrel.

Is there a Corgi Doctor in the HOUSE????

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Just waiting...incase??????

That would be my guess. She may have heard a bird or two in the chimney in the past and it piqued her curiosity. I think corgis have an almost autistic tendency to hyper-focus on a spot they once saw as interesting. Sully stares at one bush every day because she once (months ago) saw a bunny go down the rabbit hole there. Winnie looks so cute and in such perfect corgi shape. (Such a good girl. Maybe she saw Santa in there.)

She knows something you don't, you can bet on that....

Isn't that interesting... I wonder if she hears something. Is it possible that, with the chimney sealed, the structure could be vibrating a little to a light breeze outdoors, the way a soda bottle can be made to "toot" when you blow gently over the opening? The sound could be outside a human's range of hearing.

What a beautiful coat she has! So smooth and healthy-looking!

thank you!  She's laid off for now but it's a great mystery.  She knows more than I do.

With a nose 10,000 (average) more powerful than human she's probably smelling something coming by to say Hi, or just curious.    I'm a spiritual beleiver so sometimes I beleive they pick-up something that we can't.      If she's curious about it her senses might be activated on something.     Hey, if she wants to keep watch on the fireplace, at least she's not causing mischiff.      :)

And what a schnozz she has!! I've just got to accept that (like with cats) there are some things we just can't see or hear.....some are real and some are ??????????

Thanks for you comments.....she's back to "normal" now.


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