Sprained paw, How do I keep her inactive? She's a corgi!!

Ella sprained her paw at the dog park today while playing with a boxer.  We went to the vet and he said to keep her inactive for a week which means no running, jumping, dog parks, or stairs.  Any suggestions on how to get a corgi to chill out? Ella does more than her fair share of FRAPing. We'll both go crazy before a week is up!

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You could try lots of chew toys or kongs with treats. Do you have an exercise fence that you could keep her in a smaller area? Poor girl...I'm sure this will be hard!
poor Ella, try hooking her leash to your waist, or put her in the play pen / crate . Get well soon!
An exercise fence is a good idea. She's not going to be to happy about it but giving her a smaller area might work. Thanks! And Ella appreciates the concern.
We got Seanna a puppy pen (wire fence thingy) from petco to keep her quiet after her leg surgery, and it worked great.
We'll go check there today. Thanks for the suggestion.
Spread cheese or peanut butter in a kong and/or freeze it when she is confined. It will burn a little energy.
Update: We picked up a puppy pen and I froze some peanut butter and banana mash in a kong. She's loving it. Ella is more chilled out than I have ever seen her. Thanks for the advice everyone.
Good, hope she is better soon.
Wonderful!! I hope she gets better soon!!


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