Hello everyone!

I am looking into getting some stairs for the bed so Webley can go up and down without causing so much strain on his back from jumping up and down. Can anyone recommend a good brand? I would prefer ones that were not plastic since they do have to be in the bedroom and I want them to look somewhat "cute" haha. But if anyone has any or knows of any that have worked well for them and were affordable, please let me know!

Merry Christmas! :)

--Courtney and Webley

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We have a set of the plastic ones for our spare bedroom amd I made a set which are much taller to fit our King Pillow-top. Just made it from 2x4's with carpet for the treads and fabric to cover the rest.



I have s short bench at the bottom of my bed.  Didn't have Basil when I got the bench, but it works as well as stairs for him.

Seanna just uses a simple step stool.  We never could teach Jackson to use it, so we got him a doggy ramp (like they have to get a big dog in the back of a car).

Thanks for the responses guys! I will look into all these options. I especially like the step stool idea.

I use this fabric-covered storage ottoman from Bed Bath and Beyond. It works great! I looks nice, it is not slippery, it's the perfect size and you can store stuff inside! The price is great, too.

Storage ottoman


Out of stock on the website right now :(

Doggy stairs are adorable.

I got this set on a major sale and Rocky loves it.

It is nice because you can fold them up and get them out of the way.

Note: I did have to change the screws that were holding it together because they kept falling out.

I got mine at petsmart and dont know the brand name but they have lasted about six years.

Check out this stairs with a Corgi on it!

There are some very cute and stylish stairs out there. The plastic stairs that I have came with carpet on the tops of the steps. It's very secure and not slippery at all. When I was looking for stairs to buy, none of them really seemed "afforable." And the cute ones were usually the most expensive. =(

I have 5 corgis.  I purchased a ramp made of wood with carpeting.  It has a platform at the top.  One of my corgis likes to rest there.  It was purchased online and they will stain the wood any color.

Thanks for all the responses everyone :) Looks like I have some research to do!


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