Sadie has been sleeping on my bed more and more lately. Although, my bed is tall and I usually help her up the bed, but she jumps down in the middle of the night on her own. I was wondering if anyone uses any of those steps you put next to the bed? I don't want her to hurt her back so I am looking into getting one, but want opinions/suggestions. Thanks!

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I have this ramp from Drs. Foster and Smith, because my bed is super high (it's an old bed frame, and mattresses used to be a lot thinner, so the modern mattress flies pretty high off the ground!). It's a little pricey, yes, but it works great, and people who come over wonder if it's actually an exercise helper (so many people ask me, do you use that for sit-ups? hahahahaha). My bed was much too high for jumping on/off, so this fit the bill perfectly.
NOW is the time you want to encourage the Easy Way up & down. Ours is 23" high, which seems like a lot to me.
I've thought of making a bedside table that incorporates a ramp or steps covered with carpet for secure footing. This is a good idea.
I'd expect a smooth floor to be more dangerous (slipping) than carpeted. We keep soft, rubber-bottomed non-skid throw rugs on the hardwood floor for both takeoffs and landings, plus a secure intermediate stepstool.
We got an ottoman and placed it at the foot of the bed, took the legs off so it would be closer to the ground and trained Norman to use it when getting on and off the bed - it doesn't conflict with our decor like the steps did and he seems to prefer using it - except when he is very excited of course...
oh clever -- my ramp does take up a lot of room, I have to admit. But I also like that people think I'm actually exercising, too, lol!
My husband, Bill, made a set of steps that are two tiered and rounded (kinda like a tiered wedding cake with a flat back to rest against the foot of the bed) and covered them with the same carpeting that was installed in the bedroom. We have a king size bed and Zoe started using them right away. Now that we have Ziggy, monkey see-monkey do and TA DA..... he is using them, also. I worried about them jumping off of the bed too and this seems to have solved that problem. I'm glad that we have them.
Shayleigh has a set of steps that I bought for her, but she hardly ever uses them. She prefers to jump up and down, but she has the option of the steps. The one thing I would say to be careful of is how sturdy the steps are. I bought some that look pretty nice because they are wood, but they were pretty flimsy. I was able to do some modifications to them, but I know everyone is not so handy and may not be able to make the steps sturdy.
We use stairs. Both of ours like them. I think they feel more independant and we don't hurt our backs picking them up.


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