Is there any thing worse than a fluff with diarrhea?  Right now I think not.  I have her on Imodium and Mylanta per my vets recommendation. We just went though this about 2 weeks ago that time it was she ate her stuffed dragon and I think she may have had a tiny  blockage, she passed the dragon scales:) and all was better.  But now I am at a loss.  The only thing I can think of is that I gave her a little bit to much premium dog food as treats.  All I can say is WOW am I glad I have a dog washing sink.      

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Oh, Kari, what a bummer! I hope she feels better soon! No, I don't believe there is anything worse than a fluffy with diarrhea! When Isabella first came home her stool was really runny/soft. I was forever wiping her behind with baby wipes! Not fun. I bet you can imagine how happy I was when I started seeing tootsie-roll poops! Ha Ha. Even so, I went to give her a bath last week and the handle in my tub broke off---water spraying eveywhere! I guess she didn't want a bath. By the time the plumber made the repair it was too late for a bath that day. The next day I got her all clean and shiny. Only a few hours later she came in from outside and Uh-Oh...she STINKS! Poop all over her fluffy little behind. I think she sat in it, or something because I hadn't noticed any tummy upset with her. That was the first time in a long time I had to deal with fluffy poop butt....and the first time for 2 baths in one day! I wish I had your sink. My back was killing me!
I switched our doberman, Misty, from Innova to a bland prescription dog food after years of diarrhea off and on. I think a fluff with that problem would be worse but a kennel with a "river" of poo is a close second! the corgis still eat Innova but Misty has not had a problem since we went to the bland food. She has had several stomach obstruction surgeries and I think the premium dog food was just too much for her. Good luck settling her tummy down!


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