I am getting my second corgi on Aug 31 and I'm sooo excited

My male corgi is named Napoleon and I'm trying to think

of some strong female names and I'm drawing a black

I like the name Jemma from Sons of Anarchy but I want 

some more to choose some 

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Here are two: Joan Athena

Congrats in advance!

Hi Regina, here's a list of SOA character names. Jemma is a great name, I too love the show.

That photo is adorable!! For strong females I like Eleanor, like Eleanor Roosevelt.  Good luck and congrats!! 

Helena, Sasha, Katniss (LOL), Lyra

Here are a few I like..

Aerona, which is a Welsh (hehe matches with Corgis) name that means carnage and slaughter.

Alis/Alison, Welsh for noble sort.

Gwendolyn, Welsh for white bow or white ring.

Gwenneth, Welsh for luck, happiness.

Killer.  Fang.  Elizabeth.  Hera.  

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Welsh_goddesses   but Welsh goddesses are unpronouncable.

You could try finding a welsh name with the meaning of being strong???? I've done this before and found some good ones.

I would suggest googling Greek goddesses. Many of their names are quite unique and very strong, yet still feminine.

Josephine (see here the story of Napoleon and Josephine - http://www.napoleon-series.org/research/napoleon/c_napjos.html )

We looked under Welsh Girls name and liked Teagen (Pretty Girl).Also liked Meagan as a second choice!

There 's no stronger name than LeeLoo (from 5th Element!)

Ah! Your male is named Napolean too :O Haha, so is mine! I'm not sure about girl names though.


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