Sudden onset: Murphy forgetting he should pee outside...

So here's the deal:


Murphy is about 9 months old. Three days ago he was 100% spot-on with the whole 'peeing outside' thing and then WHAM! accident number one - we found pee on the hallway carpet.  Thinking it was an isolated incident we didn't complain..  he's been at least acting potty trained for all this time.  But then he's done it four more times: 

  • In the living room, on the carpet, IN FRONT OF everyone. Happened so quickly we didn't even realize it was happening.
  • In the hallway, on the carpet, IN FRONT OF me. I caught it and reacted poorly.  Instead of scooping him up and plopping him outside I yelled.  He stopped but ran off.  We leashed him and took him out right after.
  • In the living room, on the wall behind the sofa(!?), while no one was home.
  • In the bedroom, on the door, while everyone was asleep before his normal rise time.

I'm at a loss. 

Seems like when I scarred him he stopped house peeing in front of me but now he's just doing it while no one is around.  He still goes out during his normal times so why the pee uprising?  He's not just going in one spot either and when he does go we clean it up and the go over it with enzyme cleaner.  We would praise him when he pees outside but one of the ways we have found two of the five accidents is he doesn't pee outside so there is nothing to praise. 

Does anyone have any idea why he's suddenly turned into a rouge pee'er? 

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Hi Jessica, Murphy is old enough and his organs are matured enough to hold, however, to be completely pottytrained and have ZERO accidents, he'll need to continue his crate training until 1 yr - 2 yrs. Yes, some corgis can be quite reliable and master it before then, but most owners who have a 2 year old corgi will not tell you their rare accidents between the age of 1 - 2. Slowly adjust his freedom, don't give full roam of the house just yet.


Read and reread these two articles, be patient, you are almost there, make sure you clean up REALLY well and no more negative reaction, that will just encourage Murphy to hide and go elsewhere. Good luck!

i had that happen to me at that same age. my first thing i will tell u is take him to the vet to be sure he dosnt have a UTI. some dogs pee in front of u to get ur attention to say "mom, there is something wrong" but do what Sam says. no dog is reliable until 2years old. i made the mistake of thinking teddy would be ok outside the crate at night or when i am gone and i have come home to lots of messes. limit the freedom for now. if the vet says there is no UTI then rule that out but i strongly suggest taking him out every two hours and treat and praise when he does go. keep him in your sight! if he wanders off follow him and shut doors. at one time to get my attention that teddy was sick he peed on our bed. i would hate for that to happen to anyone lol


good luck and keep us updated. potty relapses are no fun but u can do it

Penny is almost 2 (in March) and the same thing has happened with her but with #2.  She has had 3 accidents in the living room and each time it was while I was upstairs getting ready in the morning.  Each time she had been outside and gone after eating her breakfast.  I have started gating her upstairs with me again and will slowly let her regain her freedom.  I'm chalking up to the terrible 2's?!
If this is something he's doing all of a sudden I would have him checked out for a UTI.
Waffle did this, too.  My breeder told me he was testing me-- to see how much he can get away with now that he feels like he's "grown up".  He couldn't get away with much, the brat. I realized there are times I NEED to take him out or he will be very upset: right when I wake up, and RIGHT BEFORE I go to bed.  Taking him out just minutes before I went to sleep and shutting the door to my room kept my house pee-free.  I also tried my hardest to keep him in my room or in his crate when I wasn't home. My Dad would let him out, though.  I also trained him to ring a bellhop bell when he needs to go outside.  He hasn't had an accident since July. :]
That bellhop bell thing is awesome! I might have to try that.
Hi all - I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the info and support.  Since he's been so good I always forget that he is, in fact, still a puppy.  :)  On bright note, since implementing some of the changes and tightening up the regimen there have been zero accidents!  Guess we just needed the reminder to treat the puppy like.. well... a puppy (duh!)

Casey is doing the same thing. We have a doggie door to which he has access 24/7 and has been very good about going outside to do his business. One day I let him come into our bed room and he peed right in front of me!  he was quite proud!

I figured he was marking his territory?


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