So amongst the adorable poses corgis do, the "superman" posa aka "frog legs" ranks as one of the cutest!  Stanley used to do this all the time as a puppy

But, he no longer does it.  The last photograph I could find of him doing it was from March '09.  He was about 7 months old here

So what gives?  How come he doesn't do this anymore?  He's a bigger corgi, very long & muscular.  Do you think it's his size?  Or do you think it's not comfortable for him anymore?  Or is it just something he's outgrown? 

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And I know his legs still bend that way, as evidenced by this photo taken recently

Love the photo! Sparty doesn't lay that way since he hurt his knee about 5 years ago. I think it bothers his arthritis.
Is he neutered? If not, maybe "things" are in his way! Rocky didn't lay that way as a pup and still doesn't. Rosie almost always lays like that and always has.
Yep, he was neutered at 6 months...
Ashton is the same way. He will kick one leg out but leave the other tucked. Since I find that "Supercorgi" pose so adorable when I see him laying with the one leg tucked I tell him he is "broken". Once in a blue moon I will find him with both legs out, but that seems to be much more of a rare occasion as of late. I really need to get a picture of it. He looks like he's missing a leg. lol
The "superman" pose is my favorite and makes me smile no matter how many times I see it. Steve is about 2 1/2 and he's pretty long and muscular too but he still does the pose all the time, although there was a short period of time when he didn't do it at all. Maybe he'll start doing it again when it's hot and wants to cool his tummy.
My original corgi laid that way almost all of the time, but I have never seen Archie do it, maybe they are just like us and have their comfy ways to sit and lay down!
I dunno what makes them stop.. Roxi does it all the time still but I've never.. ever seen Charlie do it.

Roxi stopped for a little bit cuz I couldn't resist playing with her tootsies :)
Here, here! I play with Noodles piggy toes as well, so he will tuck them in if he sees me walking by. He used to do the "superman" pose all the time when he was younger, but now it is only one leg and 99% of the time it is his left leg. One pose that cracks me up is when neither leg sticks straight out the back and they are both tucked up underneath his bunny butt. It looks like he is on his toes and his legs form a "V", I always tell him that it can't possibly be comfortable, but he will lay like that for a while.
Funny. Bertie Wooster stopped doing the "Baby Seal" or "Squirrel Rug" pose at about a year old -- but Ethel is now 2 and a half, it's still her preferred mode of lying around, and it never fails to make me laugh outloud.
I have been working with Penny to train her to do "Frog Dog" on command. Today was the first time she actually did it on command and I was so excited for her :) Maybe you can train him to do it again? I just think it is adorable!
Gibson only does this now when he is really chewing something awesome. He always takes it, sits in a corner, splays out and is quite content.

He usually tucks his feet it more than keeping them straight though.. I think they probably are just more flexible when they are younger :)


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