So amongst the adorable poses corgis do, the "superman" posa aka "frog legs" ranks as one of the cutest!  Stanley used to do this all the time as a puppy

But, he no longer does it.  The last photograph I could find of him doing it was from March '09.  He was about 7 months old here

So what gives?  How come he doesn't do this anymore?  He's a bigger corgi, very long & muscular.  Do you think it's his size?  Or do you think it's not comfortable for him anymore?  Or is it just something he's outgrown? 

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I finally got a picture of what Ashton's "missing leg" pose looks like:

Haha, I love this! It reminds me of when Stanley tucks all his legs under and I can't see them anymore and I say he looks like a loaf of bread.
So shortly after I saw this post I saw Lance doing the superman pose!!! I made sure to take pictures.


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