Yesterday Bridget had surgery to remove a gnarly looking sore.  We thought for sure it was cancer and I was so worried.  The results are benign growth!  This was on her left hind leg and we had watched it for about 2 weeks prior to surgery.  The doc called it a granuloma removal.  The doc didn't want to do a biopsy prior to removal because they said that can make cancer spread.  Anyways, we are so pleased with the news, and Bridget is doing very well with her bandaged foot.  

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YAY! What a relief huh! LaVerne had the exact same thing on her rear paw and I almost cried I was so relieved to find out it was benign. That was over a year ago and no signs of it returning! :o)
I bet you feel on top of the world, hooooooray needed some good news today xxx


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