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Almost sounds like an allergic reaction. So glad he is better!

So glad to hear he is better! 

Probably biting into a raspberry branch with those pickers

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, he is totally back to normal, waiting to bark at fireworks again tonight... sigh

If you ever see white spots on his tongue on inside his mouth that would be a virus that needs to be treated.   If too much have spread, it would cause some discomfort and prevent eating on severe cases.     

Speaking of something lodged in the back of the mouth, those baby carrots have to be cute or supervsed when you give them.   I noticed Wally struggling soon after he had one.   I looked and he had a full carrot (baby) stuck in behind his back teeth.    He couldn't get it out but I was able to take it with my fingers.   Now I hold it while he breaks them in smaller pieces.


Thanks Dianne, I'll make sure and watch for that, fortunately mine could care less about carrots, it's all about the raspberries



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