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Brodie seems to have issues over the last two days with lapping up water, it seems like the water goes out the side of his mouth. Today he couldn't eat his kibble with water on it.... going to the vet soon, but any info in what might be going on?


No insight for you, but I hope he is ok!
No idea, but I agree a vet visit is a must.

Have no idea but a trip to the vet is definitely in order.  Good thoughts and please keep us posted.

We are going to the vet, he's still eating and drinking, it looks more like his lower jaw won't close all the way.


Is he a stick chewer?  My first wolfhound was and she got a short piece of stick caught in the back and she couldn't close her jaws all the way.

Not that I've ever seen, he doesn't even really chew on much.... more of a licker, but I'll look closer when I get home.  Thanks

Well, the Vet said the sides of his tongue are swollen with red spots. She does think it might be from a stick and now that I think about it he does get into the raspberry bushed and those have pickers. So we have an anti-inflamatory for him to take and if he's not better by Monday he'll have to go back for a biopsy. No problems with teeth or jaw alignment, so hopefully the meds will take care of it. Thanks everyone for well wishes

Hopefully inflammation is all it is.  Let us know how he is.

I will Linda, thanks.  It certainly hasn't hindered his appetite at all, just takes a little longer because kibbles fall out the side of his mouth (of course a little slower in not necessarily a bad thing) we just need to make sure that Lilly doesn't steal the ones that fall outside of his bowl.

yep, swollen tongue, all better now after the meds... whew



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