Although I've never seen a corgi successfully look mean unless it was attacking a vacuum cleaner,  I'm gonna talk real polite to this guy (I believe his name is Cooper).

They used to have this poster for sale; I kinda wish I'd bought one.

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Forget SWAT, give him to the Seals! I wonder if they have Corgi night vision goggles!

Some how that SWAT guy doesn't look as menacing as he should with a corgi at his feet.

I've only had one vacuum cleaner attacker and I don't think I would want be on the business end of an attack.

Anybody knows of a good online store for jackets and clothing that would fit a Corgi???


I'm trying to find one he could wear during Spring Summer and Fall that would have either logo of SWAT, POLICE, FBI, etc.   Something of a tactical (look alike) jacket.

Being in Seattle, I want to do a Hallowe'en costume with safety-orange vests that say,

"Seattle Mountain Search and Rescue"  and have, instead of the St. Bernard's cask of brandy under the chin, 2 Starbuck's cups on either side. esty for dogs.  Maybe you can find something in one of their shops.

I've found a few on Ebay with either FBI or Personal Sniffing Representative (Badge).

One has the mesh type with reflective strips on the sides.

I'll have to order a few to make Wally an official Though Guy.    :)


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