Switching to a higher protein dog food, should I still add Missing Link to my corgi's food?

I am in the process of switching my corgi, Bailey's food and the new food is Taste of the Wild and is higher in protein that her Nutro Natural Choice food.  (I'm still in the weaning process and she's doing well so far)  

I use The Missing Link with Glucosamine on her food, which was recommended by our vet, but now with the higher protein content of the new food, I'm wondering if its too much?  Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on this?  Thanks!

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It should be fine to feed both. However, I would look into a different supplement. It has been shown that Glucosamine isn't effective without Chondrotin. It would be better to use a supplement that has both. It doesn't hurt to only have the one, but it doesn't really do anything either.  Taste of the Wild is a good food and my dog LOVES it. One thing to look at is calorie content and adjust accordingly. All the higher quality foods are extremely high calorie (with Taste of the Wild being the lowest calorie premium food). good luck

Thanks, Melissa.  I appreciate that info.  She loves Taste of the Wild.  I did a food test with a few that were recommended and she went straight to that one...twice.  (And she is very picky about her food)

And that's great to know about the Glucosamine with the Chondrotin together.  I'll find something with both supplements together.  

I'm glad you told me that TOTW is lower in calories because it doesn't take much for my girl to pack on the lbs and we walk a few times a day.  I was actually worried about the food being too much for her.   Thanks again!  :)

I love TOTW  and mine do great on this ...I also like that I can switch to different flavors! Sorry, no help with the Glucosamine.

My three are on TOTW, too, and love it.  I tried switching to Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul as it was also highly rated and a bit less expensive, but one of the corgs developed horrible gas when on it, so switched back to TOTW and poof (so to speak) no more gas.

I give them Dasuquin (gluc + cond) as a supplement on the recommendation of the ortho vet that fixed one of my corgs rear legs (had a TPLO for a cruciate repair).

I also tried Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul also and I felt like they always were hungry ...didn't maybe make them full (ok they're never full) but seemed that they always wanted more and not just because they liked it.

Thanks for the reply, Jane.  My boyfriend and I always joke that she acts like we don't feed her....so I'm glad its not just me...and her.  lol.

It's great to know that other corgi owners love TOTW and that you can switch the flavors up.  I was worried about her gaining weight on this food but it doesn't seem like that's an issue.  Can I ask if you feed them less because of the high protein content?  

Thanks, Ellen.  Good to know about the food...all the replies are putting my mind at ease for switching her to TOTW.

And thanks for the info on the Dasuquin.  Her one back leg will go lame once and a while.  I've had our vet check her out and she's okay, but it's always a concern.  I will try the other for sure now.  


Honestly...I have never checked the calories...mine each get a  (about 1/2 cup or a little less)3 times per day at it works for us:) So whatever the protien I do feed the same amount.
That helps...thanks so much!
Glad I read this! We were thinking of switching Roger to TOTW and it makes me feel better to know you all have had good results.
be sure to look at the protein content of each of the varieties. Two have somewhat low protein (around 24%)....I believe its the sierra mountain (lamb) and the one with fish as the main protein source. The other two formulas have higher protein. Franklin has been on the food for about a year now and is doing great. I did decrease his food a bit when he reached around 2 years old because his metabolism seemed to slow down some. He is now getting 3/4 cup TOTW and some Hills T/d dental food. He has maintained a good weight for the last 4 or 5 months and looks and feels great!
Sorry, can't help about The Missing Link but all I feed mine is Taste of the Wild and they do fine:)


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