We were at a friend's house today and I noticed that sterling suddenly had a swollen snout. He was playing with another dog right in front of us and I didn't see him get bitten. He didn't cry or yelp. Then 15 minutes later (he was sleeping) I picked him up and he yelped when I touched his face. That's when I noticed his nose was swollen.
I called Banfield and they told me to monitor him and bring him in if he starts vomiting or having diarrhea. He just ate some of his dinner and halfheartedly chased the cat (his favorite activity in the world). He is very lethargic, tho, compared to his usual puppy self.
I'm very worried.. I know I'm probably making a little bigger deal out of this than I should, but he's my baby. He also sort of growled when my girlfriend tried to pick him up. He NEVER does that. We carry him everywhere.
Has anyone had a similar experience or have any advice?

We made it to the vet first thing this morning. Sterling had an abscess which happened to drain this morning before his appointment. He is now on antibiotics and on the road to recovery. It makes me so happy to see him acting like himself again! Thanks for all the advice!

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I'd guess an insect bite or sting? I'd probably try Benadryl, or if his mouth or tongue is swelling bring him in.

I believe it's one mg per pound of body weight. But with the lethargy too I'd take my dog in.
I read that same page. There's no swelling of his tongue. Possibly a little around one tooth, but it isn't tender to the touch and he lets me open his mouth and look inside. I gave him some Benadryl. He really liked it. Haha now we're waiting to see if he improves at all. He's still eating and drinking (and peeing), so that's a good sign.

stung by a bee, maybe? Juno loves bees so he's been stung a couple times around the nose and muzzle....luckily I saw it happen because he, too, didn't yelp or make any type of noise and his muzzle & nose just swelled up after & he kept licking it. Benadryl should help IF it's a bee sting. Keep an eye on him though as you already are. :)

Fiona had a swollen snout last weekend, and I took her to the vet because she also threw up and wasn't eating. They assumed it was either a bee sting or a spider bite, and kept her for observation for a few hours to make sure she wasn't going to get worse. They also gave her Benadryl and a steroid shot to reduce swelling, and when they felt comfortable she was stabilized, they sent her home with a little pain medication. She began eating again with the pain medication, and the swelling was gone in 2 days.

If other symptoms exist, I would take him in to the vet. If not, a little Benadryl and ice will likely do the trick. :) Hope Sterling feels better soon!

Sounds like Sterling got bit by a bee, or wasp.  The bendryal should help.  Funny, same thing happened to Abbey yesterday.  We had her outside in her play pen, and when we brought her in hubby noticed her snout was swollen.  He went out to the play area and checked to see if he could find out what it was.  I stayed in and checked for bite marks.  Found nothing, and today she back to her usual self.  I hope that nothing serious is going on.  If you feel uncomfortable about it, might be best if  you take him to be seen. 

Thanks everyone! He was only playing inside (rainy and cold MN weather) so it probably wasn't a bee. Spider is a definite possibility, though! We're keeping an eye on him. He's just sleeping right now. No vets are open right now that aren't emergency services. I don't think it qualifies as an emergency yet, so we are going to keep watching him and take him in if it gets worse. I'm hoping it clears up on his own.
Thanks for all your support! Helps me to calm down a little. I sure love my little guy :)

Hope Sterling is feeling better.  No advice from me, you've already been given the advice I would give.


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