so im taking baden out to potty at 5 this morning and im just walking back and this lady wanted to say hi to baden so i let her and she letting him give her kisses and what not and then she noticed the slip collar on his neck and changed her attitude immediately and shot me a look and asked why "that torture device was around his neck" and kept saying how i could kill him and cause long term damage etc. now i only use the choke or slip collar when i take him out to potty real fast. it slips on and i know he cant slip out of it other wise i use just a regular collar. i had to defend my self to this lady trying to explain this and she just kept repeating herself even though i told her i know how to use it properly and finally she said that she usually trys to report "people like me" who use these unnecessary devices on their dogs. i mean really?? i have never heard such ignorance from someone. it wasnt like i was dragging him around town choking him. it was like she was trying to say i dont love my dog but using this type of collar even though its just to take him out to potty.

is it really that bad? from now on i guess ill take the extra few seconds to snap his collar on. ugh sorry rant is over -__- 

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thank goodness u found him! hunting down dogs is emotionally draining and frustrating :( how is he doing in his new home by the way?

i dont like pinch collars that much BUT thats because most people who used them have no clue how to, which irritates me as i feel bad for the poor dog but they are very useful if u take the time to learn how to use them. what a lot dont realize is that u are supposed to take it off when u are done training. i see people at the dog park who just leave it on them so they are running around with it on and its not fitted so it just dangles off the dogs neck

Rebecca...I agree about the food.  I have been told I am doing them harm because I use Blue for both the dogs and the cats.  All of them are doing well on it.  I've had Iams pushed on me....I tried it a bunch of years ago for all of them.  It was not for them. I used Pedigree Weight Control for the dogs but the dogs still gained weight over the winter. Go figure.  If your animal is doing good on whatever food you are using then that is the one they should be on.  And it's nobody's business what you use.

my thoughts exactly. i choose not feed purina or iams but that dosnt mean i bash anyone for feeding it to their pets. a few years ago when i worked at petco they tried to teach us to encourage people to buy vs. not to and i used to have to try and sell it to them but the bottom line for most people was they couldnt afford a $35 bag that was only 15 pounds. i felt bad all the time but it was "part of our job" so to speak.

now that im in that situation where i cant afford to spend 35 on a small bag, i go to costco and feed the kirkalnd dog food they sell. its 40 pounds for $25 BUT its made with lamb, has apples, blueberries, spinach, etc. so its a great food and i have food for him that lasts for 6months. i did the same for my cat, they sell their brand of taste of the wild and it has salmon, raspberries, sweet potatoes, etc. there made with pretty much the same ingredients as any other dog food i have seen at petco or petsmart for waaaaay cheaper  

Jane..wasn't funny at the time but I can laugh about it now.  One evening, it was dark, I had taken the 2 of them for a walk up the street.  Got to the door, took the leash off Duffy (Irish wolfhound) and opened the storm door, he went in.  Made the mistake of taking the leasch off Rascal (the mutt) and just as I opened the storm door he bolted.  I went after him. the storm door latch didn't connect and Duffy came out just behind us.  I'm going after Rascal with Duffy following then passing me.  Rascal was the ring leader and Duffy went where he went.  Thankfully my husband heard me yell so he came after us with the truck. 

We are around the corner, Rascal crosses the street..Duffy behind him.  Along comes a car who does a dead stop when he sees Duffy in the middle of street and the guy gets out and stands hiding behind the driver's door.  I can only imagine what he thought he was seeing with this huge animal standing in the middle of the street.  I finally cornered Rascal in a yard that was fenced on 3 sides and my husband showed up with the truck.  Never ever took the leash off him again until we were in the house.

Oh Linda...I understand how frustrating that can be:(  Over the years I've had "runners" but now only have Bella who is a "wanderer" and can't ever leave alone outside as her nose takes her on adventures:( Otherwise all mine stay in the yard!

Jane...our first corgi, Arnie, was a runner.  I know he disappeared for 7 weeks from his original family.  Trying open a door was a real trip.  He would bolt from the kitchen thru the house and out the front door in a heartbeat.  We never lost him for any length of time but I chased so many times.  Several times if people didn't stop he would have been hit by cars.  Once he settled in here he got better but it took a good year.

Max, my well trained dog, will walk out the gate if it's open and just keep wandering, he doesn't run off...just goes on a stroll.  We had to put a pad lock on the gate because the kids would go in to get their ball, they would "close" it but it wasn't latched and that little stinker always tests the gate to see if it's open.  We spent one night in the dark...10 pm...searching up and down the neighborhood calling and calling.  I'm out there in my bathrobe wandering the streets and getting more paniced every minute.  My husband went out with the truck.  Where did we find him....right next door checking out the overgown bushes. 

Linda...Bella is like hurry just slowly wanders. The worst was when we couldn't find her for hours and she had gone to our other house and got her collar stuck on some wire:( There she was sitting calmly in the grove just waiting and my husband had been calling her for a long time...she can bark any other time but not then:( scary for you!  But Bella was confident you would come rescue her. 

What we couldn't figure out was that where Max goes so does Katie but every time he got out she stayed in the yard. He never left our block.  Every time we found him in a neighbor's yard except once.  We were out looking and calling and there he came down the street from the busy cross street (we live on a 1 block dead end)  Max is your typical noisy corgi...I think that came from being raised with 3 boys. I also trained him as a therapy dog with all the stuff that is needed before you become certified. (he was the only one in our group that got certified on his first try)  Will he listen when he gets to wandering...oh hell no.   Katie is quiet...that's probably because she was show dog but when that chi in back of us or the golden next door come out when she is out...OMG is she noisy.


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