Holiday is my first Corgi, but my boyfriend grew up with a Corgi and he told me before we got Holiday that his mum used to talk to their Corgi Gwen and that Gwen would answer back, I thought he just meant barking, but Holiday has started talking now, its more like the sound Chewbacka makes in Star Wars. Does anyone else's Corgis make strange noises when talked to?

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Yes,Wynn is a talker...he has a special "good am" and also talks back alot...not barking! I now have 2 others that are starting to greet me the same as Wynn in the am, it starts as a yawn and then noises after that...I can't really explain it. When Wynn wants something I'm eating he will very quietly make these noises also (almost like a whisper) but he still demands things with his loud bark!
Too cute! Yes, Chesney talks to us too. And you're right it does some times sound like a She's so funny!
Our first corgi Basil was not a talker, but oh boy Archie is, and hub loves it when he gets in from work or gets up in the morning and Archie always welcomes him with his wookie noise. In fact if he does not do it as soon as hub gets in, he will make the noise so that Archie responds to him.
Awww so happy its a corgi thing :)

Roxi is a talker. One of her tricks is "Tell me a story!" and she'll chirp right up with growls and wookie noises always looking at you the whole time. She also plops her head down on my desk chair armrest and grumbles at me when Im doing too much work.

Charlie hasn't found his voice yet. All he does is whine when Im making him do tricks for dinner but its not the grumbling/talk that I think we're all talking about. or bark at the door.

Im sure he'll find his voice eventually.


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