We relocated to Texas from Missouri.  While Bear suffered from allergies in Missouri they were "itchy" and not visible.  He seems to be allergic to something here.  It has turned up twice in 8 months.  The first time on his back leg.  It got bad enough that we took him to the vet.  They kind of blew it off and eventually we were able to get it healed up with a "antifungal" cream from Petsmart.  At least, I think the cream did it.  It could have been the antibiotic he was on for a bladder issue.

This time it's on the tops of all four paws.  The skin is inflamed enough that pink is showing through his white fur.  We've started treating with the cream again and work to restrict his licking.  But I'm wondering if anyone else has had experience with the and may know what's causing it?  Bear is a licker and once he starts on something it's a chore to get it healed up.

He is walked twice daily on our local hiking path.  We're able to walk him off leash in that area so he is exploring in a natural area, not on mowed grass or pavement.

Anyone?  Thanks!

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And yes, we've changed vets!

Glad you changed vets.  First, they can test Bear for what he might be allergic too and devise a treatment.  I know Max has a problem with leaf mold in the fall, he gets itchy and chews until the spot is raw.  He also has a problem with pollen mostly in late summer.  His eyes get weepy and he ends up with ear problems.  Much like me.

When the pollen starts, generally in mid August, he goes on Benadryl daily until the first hard freeze.  He gets it twice a day.  Makes a huge difference for him.  This is not something I came up with on my own, this is what my vet has me do.  I trust my vet, been going there for 33 years.

Are you in the Hill Country? There's some nasty stinging plants out there.

Yes, we are in the hill country.  What should we be looking out for?

I live in Texas and my first thought was fire ants! They are all over the place here. If you see brown finely ground soil anywhere it is a sign of a mound. If you don't look for them they can be easy to miss sometimes. I can't count how many times I have been stung and have encountered them when walking. Best of luck! Two of mine must have allergies also as they get really itchy during certain times of the year (like right now...) and do not have any fleas.


Thanks.  I had thought about fire ants too having gotten into them myself.  Do the dogs get the blisters that we do when they get stung?  


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