How did you feel when you brought your Corgi home? Or were you surprised by a friend or family member?

My Bella was a surprise for me. It was supposed to be an early birthday present from my dad since he's on travel a lot. When he arrived home after a trip, he rushed inside and said, "Emily, there are some extremely important boxes in the truck that I need unloaded quick, can you please hurry out there and start pulling them out." He actually got me a little worried, so I hurried and opened the truck. I was so shocked to find such a tiny puppy in a little cardboard box. The oddest thing about finding the corgi was the expression on her face. She had the most unusual goofy grin ever. I had never seen a face like that on any dog. Seeing Bella for the first time will never be forgotten.

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I was so excited. I had been looking for a Corgi pup for months, two pups I had my eyes on had fallen through when one Sunday we saw an ad in the paper for a 12 week old male red and white Corgi pup. Just what I was looking for! We rang up and he was still available then drove the 2 hours to go and get him, making a quick stop to get some toys and basic essentials. A couple of hours later we were driving back with a puppy that refused to sit still on the back seat. Adorable!
I was so happy....The breeder that we made contact with, after a length conversation, asked if we would be interested in a grown dog...after some time we learned that we would get AJ our female a retired show champion...the deal was they wanted her to have one litter of puppies....We met the breeder in Dothan and picked up our girl up. She was such a snoot she looked at us and our other dog like we had cooties! We bonded however when she pulled an escape artist trick and crawled UNDER our fence. She went to the end of our cul de sac and managed to get herself into someone elses fenced in back yard......When my hubby found her she was frantically running the fence as he called her name... Upon return she decided that we were pretty cool after all and settled into a life she could only call Heaven.
I remember going to look at Duncan. I really wanted a female, but all they had left was the one male in the litter. My husband's job was not to let me take the first corgi puppy I saw. Well, that didn't work out too well. My husband said my face lit up like a 5 year old that saw what Santa had left under the tree; as soon as I laid eyes of Duncan. My first words were that his ears were standing up at 8 weeks. He said that there was no way he could stop me from taking Duncan home. Of course, I don't regret it...but I tease Duncan about being the last one left from the litter cause he is such a monster.
I was ecstatic, since I've been searching for corgis for about a year, but then gave up for a couple of months because I couldn't find any for sale. But one day, I decided to resume my search again, and luckily, I found one 12 week old corgi up for sale online. After I read a description of Ein's personality, I felt like he was so perfect for me, and to this day, I still feel the same way. Anyway, once I arrived to the seller's home, I saw him running around, with a leaf in his mouth. It was the cutest thing ever.
Hmmm. My experience sounds a little bit different from what's here! I started researching breeders in the late winter in hopes of getting a summer pup. The first breeder we contacted from the PWCCA list did not have a litter planned, but referred us to another breeder who breeds more often

When we called the pups were not even born yet. She had two litters coming up and an older one ready to go (said she'd never had that many in a row before and never will again! LOL). So when I first talked to her, ours was not even born yet.

We originally hoped for a female. We went down after the pups had their first set of shots, and met the two litters. However, they had not been temperament-tested yet so she could not tell us which would be ours. After that we had three weeks to wait, and it was murder. We talked on the phone and she said she had two which she thought would suit us, based on our conversations, and both were male. She said we could choose between the two when we came down.

I was a nervous wreck in the car. I asked my husband what would happen if we did not like the ones she'd picked? Well, she brought out the first male, and it was love at first sight (well, actually second sight, but after meeting something like 17 puppies on the first trip I had no idea who was who, especially since their coloring had changed so much between 6 weeks and 10). We brought him home and I absolutely adored him every second, even when he was chomping on everything in sight.

Our second Corgi is a retired show dog and came from the same breeder. We were looking for a summer puppy but she had none planned til late winter (like I said, the three litters in a row was something she said she'd never do again!). She did have an adult, though. We went to meet Maddie and as soon as we saw her, we thought she was gorgeous. She is in many way's Jack's opposite; she's sweet and cuddly, submissive and clingy while he's independent and bossy and does not much like displays of affection. So we have one from each end of the Corgi personality spectrum and could not love them more.

I did go through a brief point when we first got Maddie where I sort of grieved the second puppy we ended up never getting, but that went away fast and we really bonded when I started working with her on training, and then even more so when she was recovering from her spay. I think coddling her then took the place of the helpless puppy stage that we never had together. She's my little sweetie.
when I got Jordan it was a sneak attack on my Hubby because he said that he didn't want a small yapper breed he loved our lab mixes.........So I drove to look at the litter and brought Jordan home.....So I mostly was very nervous about when he would come home and find a little corgi puppy that was never going anywhere becasue he was home........But with Teagen it was great he loves Jordan and wanted a little girl corgi like I did....
We had a standard poodle for 18 years. He was the kind of dog that was always trying to figure out what you wanted! After he became quite senile I made the tough decision to have him put down. We knew we would never find such an easy dog again so waited two years to get another. I really wanted another dog but my husband was very reluctant. Finally he agreed that if I got a smaller dog it would be alright. I did not want to wait too long because I was afraid he would change his mind so I looked for what was available at the time. I originally thought a pug would suit our life but my hubby hated them! So then I looked for a beagle since I had grown up with them. Hard to believe but there weren't any! There was an ad for corgi puppies in the paper but we were not terribly familar with them. My husband said the famous last words "let's go look at them!", We did everything wrong, no real planning, very little research and once we saw a litter of adorable tri-colored corgi puppies it was a matter of which one was going home with us! Sparty right from the beginning at 7 weeks was smart, defiant, and a real jaws. Having a dog around with such a strong personality was such fun for me as I entered the empty nest part of my life that I was sold forever. We have since learned to pick less dominant puppies to go with Sparty but I can not imagine life without a corgi. When I wanted a second dog my husband insisted on another corgi too. I could not be happier with my corgis (shedding is the only downside but my cats shed too so it is ok)!
We got Algy very much the same way! My mom wanted a corgi, but we really didn't know much about them and didn't really do any research. We just saw an ad, went for a drive, and Algy was home with us after one week! At the time, we had a dog that might have been a corgi mix, but we were never sure. I don't want to imagine life without a corgi in it!


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