As I was curiously watching a dog play with his master... I was curious... How do you get your corgi to start playing Frisbee with you?

how old should you start them?

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I just started by tossing a frisbee to him and just practicing with Lance, start off small throws and work your way up.  Lance was older when I started with him over a year, but Im not sure if there is an age you have to wait to play frisbee.  I use a soft frisbee disc, easier on the teeth! 

Youtube is an awesome place to find just about anything you want to know.  You do have to be careful with corgis and jumping but I think you could very easily do the roller thing and short throws until your pup is old enough to jump and catch  I just watched this for the first time and never thought corgis would make good Frisbee dogs  now I am going to work on this with Quin:) 

Noodles mom was awesome at catching a frisbee and I had never thought a corgi would be good at that. Since his mom was, we decided to start trying it out with Noodles. It wasn't until he was over a year old and we started with a really small frisbee. To this day, we have to make him get excited and want it and then we do a full circle and then fling it. If Noodles is standing a distance away and we fling it, he will not try for it. He has to already be running in order to catch the frisbee. By full circle I mean, we are facing each other, he starts running towards me or my husband, we have the frisbee down by his mouth as he is running towards us, we then turn in a circle and Noodles follows us and then we let the frisbee go and Noodles continues running after it. He looks so cute and proud when he catches it in his mouth. He then thinks it is funny for us to try and get the frisbee back. He does a pattern of dropping the frisbee on the ground, flipping it over with his nose once, doing that routine again and then he'll bring it back to you.

Google Zak George and see what kind of videos he has on youtube. He is a grea trainer

I would start with the small size soft cloth Frisbee.  Murray figured out a unique use for one.  He would hold it vertically in his mouth and chase a tennis ball around the floor with it.  If the ball got under something he would drop the Frisbee, get the ball out , pick it up and start all over again.  I called it playing hockey.  Then one day he just lost interest in his game and doesn't do it any more.  Sadly, I never took a movie of it.

If you go to youtube and type in kpmcse you will see my boys. Came naturally to the red/white.

Sorry to not be off actual help, just showing of my boys<shameful face>

Thank you to all who contributed!  


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