Has anyone tried The Puppy Apartment? It's a crate that has a bedroom and a bathroom for puppies. I am considering getting one for our future fur baby. Here is a link to their website: Modern Puppies

Please let me know if you have heard good/bad things about this method of potty training! Thank you very much :)

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I don't believe anything that would incourage the puppy to go inside at all is a good idea.

That's just me-for some people it works, but I would stay away.. Good luck:)

Edit: When I say it works for other people, I of course mean with puppy pads and such.. Not just go where you want or whatever:P

Plus the reason why I would say the no going inside... It will confuse potty training I would imagine. You aren't supposed to give them room to go inside so that they want to hold it and not go in their den, etc:)

That's what I was thinking. It could actually lead to more in-house accidents right?! Thanks for your advice!

Yupp:) I'm not very good at explaining things, but there are a bunch of really smart Corgi specialists on here who are haha.

Something along the lines of.. If they don't have to hold it, why would they? And if they don't learn to-then you've got a problem pottier:P

"...if they don't learn to-then you've got a problem pottier..."

NO THANKS! heehee :)

Haha yes for real!:)

I just got my Ziggy, and I gotta say, I thought I was going to be sad to miss out on puppyhood since he's already four... But all I can think about is how perfect he is-and how I don't have to clean up any poop! Yayy! xD Lol. Well.. I still do, when we go on walks and after he goes in the yard. But not from off the floor! Even better!

I really dont like it  They still dont see it as two different places as far as they are concerned it is still the place where they sleep


Thank you for your advice! I don't think it is very nice to train a puppy to potty right next to their bed...

Personally for training, I am thinking about getting a crate, an expen, and an artificial turf puppy pad like this: http://www.petco.com/product/110970/Potty-Patch-To-As-Seen-on-TV.aspx

It looks almost like grass so I'm thinking a puppy would learn to go out better with it.  Has anyone used this before.  It says it is easy to clean.  Seems like a good idea.

Porch Potty

One of my friends uses this on the balcony of her condo. She swears by it! I am not sure if it would have too much of an odor if it were indoors. The downside is that it is more expensive than the one at Petco but maybe it will last longer/be sturdier?!

There's no way you can put it outside somewhere?

If it's inside at all, you're puppy is probably going to assume that it's okay to go anywhere inside-I mean, some catch on, but not all:) "Why can I go inside here, but not inside here"

I think in instances of being able to put it on the balcony, that's perfect. Puppies CAN be taught to go potty on certain surfaces or areas of the house and not pee all willy nilly in the house. It's just a matter of consistency. Personally, I would stick to outdoors only unless you know your lifestyle for a long time will restrict your ability to take them outdoors for potty (ie a high rise condo). I think you could make the turf or kennel work if that's what YOU would wanna do :)

The only time I would use it is when both Jeremy and I are away from home (like at work) so it would be emergency only for the puppy.  Hopefully it won't have to be used that often and can be phased out once the puppy is old enough to hold it for 4-5 hours. (should be able to visit during lunch at work most days)


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