There recently was a discussion about flying with your Corgi. There was also some discussion in that about flying with Service Dogs. Today I got Sage's TDI recertification paper and in big/bold print it stated that "THIS IS NOT A SERVICE OR ASSISTANCE DOG CERTIFICATION. I know that but am curious without calling an airline whether or not they let Therapy Dogs fly in the cabins.  Any thoughts?

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Jane, a Therapy Dog can fly in the cabin subject to the requirements set out for pets in general by the particular airline.  Generally you would be charged a fee, need to have a Health Certificate dated within 30 days of flying, and have a carrier that fits underneath the seat in front of you, in which the dog would have to stay for the duration of the flight.   Different Airlines can set their own rules about whether or not to allow pets, under what conditions and at what charge. Service Animals are not subject to the same rules or restrictions, the conditions are set by Federal Law (ADA).

Congratulations on Sage's TDI Certification, it is an achievement worth applauding!

Thanks Anna, actually she was just recertified for the 2nd time(we have to do yearly). I wish I was younger and had time(and$) to just fly places where disasters have happened and bring some happiness to people.

I probably will never fly with her but was curious as I would NEVER put her in the bottom of a plane:(

I wouldn't give up on that very nice sentiment.  Although I fly with my Service Dog, we mostly drive so we can take our other dogs (and the cat) along.  If you know some other people with Therapy Dogs who feel like you do, you could start a group with the idea that you could drive together and maybe also do some fundraising for the purpose of helping with expenses.  Some brainstorming with others who are like minded can yield very good ideas and options. .  I saw the Therapy Dog Group that went to Newtown, they did wonderful work there.

Dream big has always been my motto!  Help can come from the most unexpected sources when you get the ball rolling.

Thanks Anna, I do work with some teachers and they'd have off the summers. I will have to talk to them about it. I love to drive so that wouldn't be a problem either. Will have to think more about your idea. My company that I work for just spent a fairly large chunk of money so that Sage can come to work with me so finding the right people would be a good thing!

Is your dog a general therapy dog (like to visit others), or is it YOUR service animal? Only your own personal service animal is allowed in the cabin, and you need a letter from a physician/social worker/psychologist stating the reason the service animal is needed. 


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