We have had a very mild winter here and as a result we are already seeing a lot of ticks. Thought this would be a good time to remind everyone how dangerous these little pests can be. They carry a host of diseases--ehrlichia, lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, tick paralysis--all of which can be fatal to dogs and humans alike. This is the time to start prevention if you haven't already done so. Not here to push products, so check with your vet to see what works best in your area! And remember that even with prevention, ticks can slip through and attach. Our Newfie got RMSF his last summer, even though we used prevention religiously. All that hair and the spring rains let one attach long enough to infect him. I truly believe that was what weakened his system enough that we lost him that fall. 

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Of the techniques that have been recommended to me, this one was not included! Interesting....Thank you for the tip.

lyme vaccines are available for dogs as well-- just make sure if your corgi  has never had this vaccine and you decide to get it for them that the first year the loading dose is done ( meaning one shot and then 3-4 weeks later another) or its not as effective...then once a year after that

we use Sentinel (for fleas and worms), Frontline Plus, and vaccinate for lymes since we live on a wooded lot and my husband is hunter-brings home ticks all the time :(


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