I just noticed that Bailey had some really tiny scab -like dots on various places along his back. When my finger runs over one, it's easily removed (like flakes of dandruff) but with fur attached. Any ideas what this is? Bailey's last bath wad two weeks ago ( we use all natural shampoo) and we haven't been to the dog park in a week due to the rain. No food changes or vaccines recently, and he's eating normally and not scratching at all.

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Also, it's not fleas- baileys on preventative medicine for that. Also upon close examination, it's like a speck of rocky dirt about the size of.... The period symbol on your keyboard.
Hello nephew, You're looking more like your uncle every day and handsome too. Regarding the black flecks, when you put them on your finger, try and get them damp. If it turns reddish brown then it probably is "flea poop". Even when pups are on preventative, fleas have to bite them before they die, sorry to tell you that.

If they don't turn reddish brown then my guess would be an allergic reaction to something on his skin. Is this directly along his backbone? Could he be leaning against something that is irritating his back when he lays down? Don't know, just guessing.
Hmm no reddish brown residue uncle Timmy!!! Merry early Xmas!!! :) the weird thing is that Bailey seems to be unbothered by it( no scratching at all). I was thinking it might be dirt, cause it crumbled when I pinched it between my nails. I'm going to monitor it fir a few days to see if it gets worse. It's nit all over but I've felt about 7-8 of them. I was thinking u haven't combed him enough so maybe his skin is very dry????
I just combed and brushed the furry guy and there's definetly specks/flakes like dandruff, all cream colored. Errrr..!?!! The black specks are rare and larger and I have to feel around for them .
Mine had this when he got home. It was like crumbly scabs, but the skin under was healthy looking and not red at all. My vet said it was either dirt or dry skin from his grown up hair coming in. He said to wash him with diluted baby shampoo and rub a bit of baby oil into his skin and then comb it through the the fur.
Sounds familiar, I'm going to wait a day or two before giving him a bath to see if it gets worse or better. Thanks!!!! Did it work?? Has it come back ?
It did work but I had to oil him every day for 2-3 days. There were never scabby things again, but little white flecks/dust.
Baileys skin is a normal pink color. There seems to be no inflammation.
Does he roll and where? Could it be something that he picks up from rolling...I don't mean fleas but dirt or dead leaves????
hmmm no where he could have rolled but he dud play at the dog park last week and he hasn't had a bath yet. Could be dirt and I won't know till I give him a bath. The thing, that made me guess that it was scabs was that the black specs are "stuck" to the fur fibers, and not loose. Thanks!!
They are defintely scabs, could be embedded dirt in the skin, but it's defintely coming off the skin and not the hair fibers, baileys getting antsy about me trying to collect them all fir examination. Defintely tiny dark scabs with dry flakes around.
Sounds like a chemical burn from shampoo. That was my first thought and the timing is right. All-natural shampoo is great but you have to rinse to a RIDICULOUS extent. If you leave even a tiny, tiny residue on the skin you get pinpoints of burn and those end up scabbing.

I would re-wash him and make sure the shampoo is diluted (put a squirt into a cup of warm water or use an old squeeze bottle to dilute it at least 20:1 with water). Rinse until you feel stupid and then rinse another five minutes, digging your fingers into his coat to make sure you're getting down to the skin.

The best skin stuff I know of is Eqyss Micro-Tek. You spray it into the coat and work it down to the skin. Heals all those little boo-boos fast and it's great for ears and everywhere else.

A couple of companies make shampoo neutralizers (they're basically light conditioners with acidifiers) that I regularly use, because even as careful as I am I've burned dogs a couple of times. I gave Clue a RAGING hot spot once, right before a huge show, because I left color-intensifying shampoo on her too long before I rinsed it. That was all it took. Poor thing had to be packed with Gold Bond powder and looked ridiculous. Once we got home I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed and then sprayed her with Micro-Tek every day for a couple of weeks. It healed but I can still feel a slight thickening of the skin where it was, which is a good reminder to me to be super, super careful.

The shampoo neutralizer I use is called After Bath by Chris Christensen; I like it because it also combats those crazy cowlick curls, but you can also use a very, very light apple cider vinegar rinse as part of your final rinse routine and that works too.


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