I just noticed that Bailey had some really tiny scab -like dots on various places along his back. When my finger runs over one, it's easily removed (like flakes of dandruff) but with fur attached. Any ideas what this is? Bailey's last bath wad two weeks ago ( we use all natural shampoo) and we haven't been to the dog park in a week due to the rain. No food changes or vaccines recently, and he's eating normally and not scratching at all.

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wow. thanks for the information. I didn't realize you could burn them with shampoo. I always rinse and rinse and rinse and then rinse a little more. I have not had any problems with the issue brought up here. But, it's still good to know remedies and help. You're awesome. Hugs from me and Kota
Thanks Joanna. This defintely sounded like what it was, and i think you were right! you are so funny. haha. bailey has those strange curls on the top of his bum bum area after baths, curls i never knew he had. haha.
Kota has those too! They are there all the time. But, are more noticeable after baths. I think his might be there all the time because his tail flips up and curls. It's so adorable!
I found what I thought were tiny black scabs on my dogs' bellies and I panicked a little thinking "fleas?!?" though it seems late in the year for them. Then I remembered they'd been out in a melting snow for a very long walk and came in with dirty bellies. I cleaned them off well with a towel and then with baby wipes but did not bathe them. Well, the little flecks of dirt turned into something like glue and absolutely clung to their skin (not their fur, which sheds dirt just fine) and needed to be scratched off.
I would also collect a few of these and put in a plastic zip lock bag just in case you take him to the vet! That way they can put it under a micro scope! Good luck!
ill do this tonight before i bathe him in case they come back!
oo thanks everyone.im going to give him a bath tonight and rinse like crazy. will post if this doesn't work. thanks everyone!!!!... poor little man. he HATES baths... but would jump in a second into a pond!
I have the same issue with my dog Baxter and I have no idea what is going on! He is shedding a little more than usual, and he is licking, and biting, and scratching. Sometimes he bites so hard he gets scabs as well. He too has had no walks, or food changes, or vaccines. I know it's not fleas or ticks because I check him regularly, dipped him, and put frontline on him. Can someone help?
What did you dip him with? It's possible that that's the problem. Dips are pretty evil.

Fleas and ticks are the most common external parasites that dogs get, but there are plenty of others. Dogs get "walking dandruff" (Cheyletiella mites) very commonly and they can really be bothered by them; a very itchy dog should also be checked for sarcoptic mange (the same mite that cause scabies in humans). If he's gotten to the point that he's causing damage to himself, I'd make an appointment to get him checked out, and specifically ask about those two issues. When you mention "mange" a lot of vets think of demodex, which is common in puppies but not in adults and doesn't cause itching. Sarcoptic mange doesn't show up in a skin scraping, because it's a completely different kind of mite (large and solitary instead of small and numerous) but can often be diagnosed by the very, very itchy ear margins and red scales it leaves on the belly skin and under the front legs.
Here in the west best thing I have found for dry skin is Cod Liver Oil. We buy it at the health food store non-flavored type and give Sami a tablespoon on her food morining and night. Hope Bailey does better real soon.
REALLY look for fleas... I know that sounds redundant, but Tegan is on flea meds and flea shampoo and after two months of having those exact symptoms, I found fleas! It could just be a few right now, getting their nest ready for the infestation! :-/
Poor baby. I hate fleas. They make me feel sooo bad for my furkids when they have fleas. They look soooo miserable. I hope they go away fast!


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