Just to be on the safe side.....Juno has been eating lots of junk on walks and i haven't found a way to stop him and i'm tired of constantly pulling on his harness. =.=' (your advice to help distract his crap eating would also be great!) So I've searched around and some say pet insurance is good while others say you should just save up the monthly amount given to the insurance companies. However, saving like 500 a year and add a few years together may still not be enough for one use or will be used up at once. I'm considering saving and also pet insurance and was wondering what everyone thought and or what you do? Insurance? savings? both?

Here are the insurance companies that I've found to be good(please feel free to provide your opinions/experiences w/ them) much appreciation! :)

-VPI(breeder rec.)
-Trupanion (vet rec.)

At this point, i'm leaning towards Trupanion/Petplan.



I'll try to call Petplan when i get a chance. Anyone know what is a gd annual payout max? 8,000/yr bronze on petplan, would that be enough?

I've also gone out to search for a martingale but they didn't have a small for him so I ended up getting gentle leader; hope it works. I plan to use it temp. until he gets used to not eatin on the floor then i will switch him back to possible a martingale/reg. collar & leash. Other than gentle leader, my other choice was a mesh harness similar to easywalk where it tighens on the side/body when pulled but I've heard that it's bad for their shoulders because of the way it's positioned?

Will update all on everything again soon! :) wish me luck on the new walks w./ gentle leader..i've heard it does great w/ big dogs...not sure about little ones! :D


I've decided on petplan & as to Juno's walks. He's been doing a tad bit better...also w/ the help of him going to his first puppy class so now he's starting to get his name down and "leave it" better. I use leave it w/ the help of treats and the gentle leader & he's been doing OKAY ok walks. The only thing i'm trying to figure out now is him refusing to walk in certain directions i go in...he just plants his feet and i have to trick him to walk over w/ a treat and once he eats the treat he plants his feet again. but we're going day by day! :) thanks for everyones help!

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will do. thanks!

Definitely agree with the others about ditching the harness. You can buy a custom sized martingale on etsy if you want, but even a regular collar would give you better control over his head.

hm...I will def. take a look. anyone you have in mind on etsy?

I used something similar to the gentle leader with Marlee for about 6 months while teaching her walking manners.   She was pulling like crazy and darting off when we started walking with her.  It did a good job of keeping her from pulling.  And the added benefit was that when she tried to pull or run in the wrong direction she found herself turned around, facing the direction she didn't want to go.  But, like the other dogs, she didn't like it and would occasionally try to rub it off.  The only negative thing about it was that people thought that she was a biter, because they mistook it for a muzzle.  But I would think that you could control the head much easier with this type of lead. 

Also, you should teach him not to sniff or pee when you are actively walking, it's just bad manners.  We would have to teach horses this lesson, or they would stop to eat grass and leaves or pee whenever they want. It wouldn't win any horse shows with that type of behavior. You can teach him a signal when he can be allowed free time on the lead in a safe area where he can sniff and pee etc.... You could loosen the lead, and tell him to, "go play," where it was safe.

If you see something he is going for  that is not safe, you can also physically place yourself in the way or on top of the item, then make him look at you and tell him no.  You can also step toward him until he has to back up, reinforcing that he is banned from the object.  Keep doing it until he gets the point. Repetition and consistency are the key . So if  a horse can be taught, then it should be easy to teach a corgi. (Corgis are way smarter!)

Juno was a bit better today(2nd day) w/ rubbing off his gentle leader..he didn't really great on half of his walk but then started to plant his feet down. I would keep walking and he would be behind me and plant his feet down. He doesn't get up until he's ready and refuses to walk int he opposite direction when i turn. Any time he puts his head down to sniff and find something..i tell him leave it and then a small tug if he doesn't leave it & if he does, treat....but he did well w/ leave it today. I just couldn't get him to not plant his feet... =.='  only way was if i had a treat & convinced him of going the other way..but once he gets his treat, he plants his feet again. =/

Oh, did you have experience w/ gentle leader leaving a small indentation on the fur of his nose once u take off the gentle leader? Juno has that and I have to rub the area of fur back to normal....I don't think it's too tight though because it can slide off to the flesh area of his nose(on top)

I notice the dent, too, but I don't think it is doing damage.  I don't think the thing is comfortable, and is only used for training, not lifetime walking.

good to know. yeah, i plan to just use it as temp. and once he has "leave it" down and the nose sniffing the floor no more..i want to switch back to reg. leash. having my fingers crossed! :) He just went to his first puppy class & he had a blast!

In regards to pet insurance, I do have a enlightening story. My boss had lost his dog, Jimmy, about 3(?) weeks ago. The dog was found today hurt but alive! 

The pup is insured with PetPlan. They not only offered to pay a $250 dollar reward but would cover a vet visit (even if he wasn't hurt since a normal check up exam would not be covered) to make sure he did not pick up anything parasitical while on the loose. I thought that was great!

Here's hoping that Jimmy recovers swiftly without any permanent damage!


good to know because i've decided on petplan! :D heheh

I've sometimes wondered if I should put a muzzle on Lilli to keep her from eating dog poop at the off-leash park. That's one of her favorite things to do there in the winter. However, I think the muzzle would scare off all the other dog owners, thinking I must have a very dangerous corgi :)

Totally off topic, but we went to a corgi meetup at a dog park, and on the way out to the car a lady with two snarling lunging little dogs told my son, who had Dolly (mix), to stay away from the small dog side because it was full of vicious corgis! and not a one of them had a muzzle on LOL.

Maybe they were all fighting over the garbage on the ground. In that case, maybe muzzles would have helped:) 


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