I was thinking that it might be time to give the corgis access to the inside world during the day when I am at my internship and school.  They normally are outside in the balcony area with their outside toys, dog house, water, etc., but I have been getting complaints that they have been barking while I've been gone during the day.  Which is funny, because they never bark when I'm home so I have not witnessed this behavior....

Anyway, I would like to ask for advice on what to do with having a dog (well, two dogs) stay on her (their) own indoors during the day.  The balcony leads into my bedroom and I could theoretically close that door to restrict their access to the rest of the apartment.  All of their toys are in their toybox in the bedroom anyway, so that wouldn't change location.  Twinkie isn't a chewer, but Luna is potentially back in that stage (can they regress?). Please, any advice is helpful - I plan on starting tomorrow (Monday).


Thank you.

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The crates block off one end of the kitchen with the baby gate blocking off the other.  I leave the crate doors open --> they do LOVE their crates.  Or at least Luna does.
What corgi doesn't want to be inside?  I think they'll be fine.

Luna and Twinkie have been doing really well inside so far.  For the first two days there were no incidents - in fact waited nicely for me to get home to go potty.  Tuesday was an even LONGER day for them - I was gone a little over 10 hours so I was impressed that they did so well.  They have antlers to chew on, toys to play with, and their crates to go into should they want to.  I've been leaving a radio on for them when I leave, but had a slight hiccup with that as I used internet radio on the first day and my computer (of course) fell asleep.  The second day, I lost power in my apartment so just left my iPod playing for them - which was still playing when I got home.  We'll see how they do when I get home today.

I was thinking that on the shorter days I would just crate them - in fact, I know Twinkie will be left crated when I go take Luna for her therapy dog visit on Friday.  Thank you so much for all your input - all of it has been appreciated.

It's been a few weeks now and they have been doing well inside.  Shorter days (about 6 hours) I leave them in the crates and longer days they are out in the kitchen, barricaded in by their crates and a baby gate.  Other than the first couple of days, there have been no accidents, and are eager to go potty outside when I get home.  I continue to leave the radio on for them and have invested in a Thunder Shirt for Twinkie per my vet's recommendation for her possible separation anxiety.  There have been no further complaints and I am so glad.

Thank you for all your help!

Baby-proof the house.  Especially, keep all food garbage out-of-reach, esp. plastic bags, which they can get into and suffocate.  Cut bottoms off potato chip-type bags.

We came home once to find Siri panicked, with her head stuck in a potato-chip bag she'd hauled out of the garbage,  Luckily, it was a stiff bag that allowed breathing.


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