I have the opportunity to go to China, and I have decided to accept it. I'll be gone for 3 weeks in July. I'm 18 (I'll be 19 this May)  and live with my mother. My boyfriend also lives with me. My Corgi Charlee has wonderful relationships with both my mother and boyfriend. I have complete confidence that my boyfriend can take care of Charlee. My only concern is her missing me and not eating. Usually when I go to a friends' house for the weekend, she won't eat but only once. I usually feed her twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). I'll be able to skype  and call, but not all the time. Does anyone know of anything I can do to help her stay calm and not panic when I'm gone? Any ideas are welcome! 

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You have awhile before you leave. My immediate suggestion is to pay less attention to her, and have the attention, as well as the feeding come more from your Mom and boyfriend when convenient, fostering independence from you and more dependence on them.  I'm not saying to ignore her, just lessen the interaction as she may be overdependent on you.  When you leave, she may skip a meal or two, but she'll be fine.  She is a young, healthy dog and missing a couple of meals, if she does that, will not create a problem.  Enjoy your opportunity to go to China.  Rejoyce in knowing she may skip a meal but, at least, she will not BE the meal, as so many dogs are in China.....

Thank you so much! Very helpful:)

I would use the next few months to get her used to the idea that you go away, but you always come back.  Take a few more weekend trips, or day outings.  Leave her to be cared for by your mother and boyfriend.  It can be a good adjustment opportunity.  Even when you are home, have the other people feed and walk her. 


Have a great time in China!  What a great opportunity!

Thank you! Great advice! I will enjoy my time in China, knowing she is okay; thanks to the advice:)


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