So, I'm looking for some suggestions for treats. Right now we have some small Buddy Biscuits and some doggy jerky. I'm looking for some variety though. I heard about sweet potato chips too. Recs please?

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I have some homemade treats that mine like but not sure if that is what you are asking. What does 'Recs' mean?

Recommendations. It's just shorter than typing the whole word. :P

Ah! /facepalm moment. LoL. As for treats the sky is literally the limit.

I use jerked rabbit. (We raise em for food/dog food and treats) But if you have a dehydrator you can make all kinds of homemade yummies for your dog. Chicken, Beef, (Pork never turns out quite right so I dont use it) Fish, Yams, Squash, Fruit.  I have had good success with grass, both dehydrated as well as fresh, Weird I know, but corgi's are weird personified sometimes. Scrambled eggs in large chunks. Regular dog food soaked till almost soft in tuna oil/water.

Any human snack, in moderation! (Moderation is very much the key! Anything in excess can cause problems, but if used in small bits, as treats should be then most things are safe to use.) IE: Butter/salt free popcorn, plain spaghetti noodles, frozen yogurt cubes (However I do have one corgi that will promptly urinate on any yogurt that is does not have blueberries in it. Go figure. :D), Peanut butter oatmeal cookies (made with no sugar or salt, but added egg), left over fried potatoes (no salt) and actually any leftovers. I have a small star shaped novelty ice cube tray I use, I mix all the last 3 days left overs into a bowl, press them into the ice cube tray, set it in the fridge for a bit and viola, bite sized treats.

I often make breadsticks for my rabbits, while I am at it I make a batch for my pups to nom on. I add chicken/rabbit broth as the liquid. Yeast, salt and flour with the broth for the doggies, then bake, toss in the dehydrator till super hard and they enjoy them immensely. Ends of the bread/old bread can be quickly dipped in broth and dried out.

Any left over cooked meat can be made into jerky bites pretty easy as well. Just cut into bite sized pieces and let dry out either on a cookie sheet in the oven on low for a few hours or in the dehydrator. The same can be done with many veggies.

Raw veggies are good. Green beans, Bits of carrot, Corn kernels (as long as your pup has no corn allergies! We had one that was terribly allergic, that is until we started growing heirloom no GMO corn ourselves, then no more allergies. Go Figure.). Squash chunks, Cooked beans, frozen cucumber, I have one pup that loves cherry tomatoes. Fruit too! Apple slices (one end dipped in peanut butter naturally) are a BIG hit. And my fave treat to nibble on while doing training.

Basically it boils down to anything your lil one will show interest in eating. They will defiantly let you know what they like and dont like. I have one pup that will do anything for jello chunks, another that will glare at you like you are the devil incarnate if you try to tempt him with banana's. ^.^

My corgi loves carrots, i cut them up into small pieces and use them for training.

Mine will practiacally stand on their heads for a green bean so I don't worry about the variety of treats!

LOL picturing that!

Freeze dried liver and sheep lung. Natural and not smelly. And I have a recipe for home made treats with pumpkin and peanut butter. It was posted by someone else on this site.

Franklin likes freeze dried liver treats as the ultimate training treat. I also get the Natural Balance chubs and cut them up into small pieces and give that as treats. Franklin also likes carrots or I just use his kibble.

Mine would rather have a carrot than a Milk Bone.  They also like apples, bananas, green beans.  I make peanut butter treats for mine also..whole wheat flour, peanut butter, oil, bake...I let them sit in the oven after I turn it off till the oven cools so they get good an crunchy.


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