Hi all.  I thought trick training might be a fun topic to talk about.  Trick training for Jeli and I has been a great way to establish a really close bond and it engages her little brain in hopes of tiring her out occasionally.  I thought maybe we could share some trick ideas and training tips.  

We've done most of the easy ones and now have started working on harder ones.  She has recently picked up circleing backwards around my legs.  We have one side and are working on the other.  After that we will be doing a backwards weave!  I've never taught that before and was surprised how quickly she picked it up.  I think she actually taught it to me rather than me to her!  She also rolls herself in a blanket, plays basket ball, picks up her toys (without a lid), shuts the door, and so many others.   

One trick I thought would be easy, but has turned out to be really hard for her, is cross your paws.  Have any of you had any success with this trick?  I thought it might be because of the short legs, but there is a youtube video with a corgi that does it.  Does anybody have any tips for this trick?


Another we are having trouble with is hide your nose, or hide your eyes.  Its where they put a paw up on there face.  Your suppose to start with a sticky note on their head and they swipe it off.  This is not working for her.  Any of you had any success with this trick? 


Any other suggestions of fun tricks to teach?  Whats your corgs best trick?   


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Fun topic. In typical, brat fashion, I usually work on tricks that benefit me somehow. I have taught Sully to bring me things and put away her toys. I always make her sit and wait for her meals because I want her to use those skills outside so she doesn't just walk into the street, which she often does since very few cars go down our street. My favorite trick is asking her to "show me her ears" or make "Pretty Ears" because it is a confidence builder and also very cute to see. Originally I just carried a few treats in my pocket and only gave her one, with a "pretty ears" cue, if her ears were up. It didn't take long at all for her to figure out she needed to raise her ears to get a treat. I also teach her the visual, sign language sign for each command which is good because I can sign "sit" without having to correct her verbally during visits and conversations with visitors. Of course, Sully is a rescue so I have to work on confidence building that may not be as important for some pups.

Those are some great tricks! I've also had difficulty with the hide your nose trick. I just thought my oldest dog to put a toy in a box, my middle dog to crawl and my youngest to back up. Trick training is so much fun and a great way to bond with your dog. =)

Agreed!  Its a wonderful way to interact with your dog.  Its a very positive activity.  :)


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