hi guys! any of you give your corgis Trifexis? so many mixed reviews. Ramji has been taking it but now im worried

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I work at a vet, we just started carry Trifexis. I LOOOOOOOVE it. Both of my corgis are on it. With all the clients we have on it, we have very rarely seen side effects. The only side effect we have seen is vomiting after giving the pill and generally if you give it with food you won't even see that. It works great for flea prevention. I recommend it to everyone because I had been using Comfortis (the flea part of Trifexis) on my dogs for years with great success so was really excited that we started carrying Trifexis at the new vet I work at. There is so much room for error with the topical products and they wash off if your dog likes to swim or if you bathe often so the Trifexis is great for daily swimmers like my dogs.

I completely second Melissa's view. Wyatt's been on it since he started taking heartworm/flea pills and he's only vomited once, and that was because I stupidly fed it to him first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Sometimes it's best to break the pill in half and serve over the course of two meals. However, if I feed Wyatt breakfast and wait 10 minutes, I usually slip an entire pill in a small glob of peanut butter and he inhales it. 

Bento uses them, and we love it.  He won't take it unless it's coated with a lot peanut butter.  I guess the pill itself isn't very tasty (it smells like dirt), but it works well, and we only need to feed it to him once a month.

We use it during the warm months because of all the beach trips. It is a nice all in one pill but yeah... definitely give them a dose with food and you'll probably have to do the peanut butter trick like Kim does or a pill pocket, unless you know the general way to give a pill to animals. 

The chance of an allergic reaction is fairly low and I personally don't know of anyone that has had a dog that had adverse effects. 

Also, there are CONSTANTLY running rebates for Trifexis on 6 or 12 month supplies which really helps! Usually your vet will carry the forms but I believe you can go straight to their website for the rebate forms. 

Yep, they have extended the rebates until October.

I use it for Scout and I second everyone else so far.  I have to hide it in cheese but I give it to her right after a meal and all is well.  I never see fleas.

The only disadvantage I see is that is doesn't do much for ticks.  Pulled a live tick off Scout just yesterday.

We just started Our 2 corgis on Trifexis,but Our concern is the lack of tick control in the pill.Our 2 pups have had adverse affects to topical flea/tick brands.Any suggestions for tick control,besides checking them every walk outside?Which We do every day and it's out in the boonies.We always check them,but are afraid We may miss one of those little blood suckers!!Thanx :)!

what types of topical products have you tried? Frontline Plus is by far the safest topical tick product. You can also try a preventic collar. I do have to honestly say though I have found dead ticks on my dogs using just Trifexis, however I don't think the product is able to kill ticks for an entire month so they can't label it for ticks. There is no oral tick preventative out there so unfortunately you are stuck with a topical or a tick collar.

I loooove it. And this reminds me I need to pick up a new pack. We do a lot of hiking, herding with the sheep and hanging out at the horse barn. I feel better knowing Ein has a basic monthly wormer since she frequently grabs a mouthful of something poopy/gross before I can stop her!

WARNING :  I remembered reading this post awhile back, here is what is currently in the news 8/1/14 .....


I've also used Trifexis since Jeli started taking worm pills.  I only had one vomiting incident - because I didn't know you had to give it on a full tummy.  Now I break it apart and give 1/2 in a pill pocket after a meal, then the other 1/2 about 20 minutes later.  She hasn't exhibited any negative signs from it and I never see fleas on her - so I think its been a good product for her.  I read all the scary stories too.  Not only about worm and flea prevention, but all the vaccines.  Makes your head spin.  I just want to make the best possible decision for my dog, but they don't make it easy!!!

I've used it for Chewey for a couple years now...no adverse affects and it works great. I had been using a topical but he's in the water a lot so it didn't seem as effective. I saw those articles/scares about trifexus as well and asked a vet friend about it. It sounded like the cases have been inconclusive... In cases she had looked into there were other health issues that could have been factors. Not that there is no risk, guess you have to decide if the risk/reward is worth it. In my case since Chewey had already been on it for awhile I decided to continue using it...


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