So as many of you know I have 2 corgis.  This weekend I stumbled upon a rescue - 9 years old, handsome devil and considered adopting him.  It's just me and the beasts and I figured I had the space and the love to give.

As I discussed it at the lunch table at school today, 3 people I work with who have three dogs all said if they had it to do over again they wouldn't get the third.  They talked about how when there were two, they were pets and happy, and when they added the third, they couldn't go anywhere with all three dogs anymore if there were going to be other dogs because theirs behaved like a pack of bullies - something that had never been a problem before.

I haven't decided what to do about Duke - but was definitely interested in some discussion on this topic here.

Update:  After much consideration, I have decided not to adopt Duke.  As a teacher, this is a really busy time of year for me - if it were summer and I would have more time to work with him, I would do it, but August/September is just not possible, to make Bear, Goldy and him comfortable.  I will be working hard to find him a home though - the OTHER good part of being a teacher, I have access to LOTS of kids that might be looking for a good dog :)

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I think it depends on what you do with your dogs. If you frequently walk them off the property or take them on car trips, physically handling three is lots different than physically handling two.

If you are on acreage and mostly walk off-leash and let your dogs run on your own property, with occasional outings, then I agree completely.

I can easily walk two at the same time. Walking three at once would be an entirely different matter. I also can't physically fit three in my vehicle if we also have anything in the cargo area.
I have 3 and its great, they all get along, It will be a package of love.
I also have corgis and while I do walk them on our property every day, we also go to a walking path and the 3 of them are really good on leash. Walking the 3 of them is not a problem at all. Mine are well trained to sit when another dog comes along or someone at the park wants to meet them. Each has been to obedience class.

Down side: they are noisy guys. they know that at 8:30 pm they get a treat and it's time to settle down, but they are noisy. And, as someone mentioned, vet expenses go up--heart gaard and comfortis every month, for example.

I'll always have a trio, though. they have a lot of fun together.
Just be careful about introductions (go for a walk together and then give them a lot of room to make friends), feed them well apart and stand around, moving from bowl to bowl, just to stop any territorial behavior from starting.

Your rescue dog is so handsome--and lucky!
I don't know what kind of place he's staying at, but could you possibly call the rescue agency and talk to them about it? They might let you bring your dogs for a meet-and-greet and just see how they interact with each other. Just a thought...
I think some find it to be a blessing and some to be a chore. Yes, some things will be more difficult but if you are aware and prepared for those things then by all means go ahead. It's just like some people find it a chore to have two dogs and they miss the days of just having one. I love my two and would probably go for three but I don't think it would be the right choice money-wise for us.
I've always had three or more dogs. They've all gotten along great, but it is true that two are friends and three are a pack. As long as you make sure that you can be the alpha leader (and I know there is alot of conflicting ideas on that now, but I do believe it), then you should be fine. They can gang up on each other, but you have to know when to stop the aggression and let them know it's not tolerated. I definitely wouldn't put two dominant males or females together, but if two are somewhat submissive to a dominant, then you should be fine. I have had instances though where one has been sick and the others attacked her, but she was having a seizure. Also, if all of them are well socialized, that helps tremendously. I've had some issues with rescues that were introduced to my dogs that weren't well socialized, and that created problems for a short time until they could get settled into the pack.
We recently added out third, Addie, and so far we havent had any problems. Our dogs play at the dog park fine with all the other dogs, when we go for walks they all mind there manners. I think it has a lot to do with socialization and training.


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