I have been cutting my dogs' nails for 2 years - and for the first time today I accidentally cut one to the quick.


Bear is fine and I used some flour to stop the bleeding - but UGH the guilt!!!


I can only imagine how much it hurts him - how long will the soreness last???

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Oh dear. We've all been there (at least I know I have).  Poor Luna was over it in a couple of hours.  I've been gun-shy ever since. I HATE nail trimming day because I'm scared I'll do it again. 


You're a good corgi Mom. Don't worry!  Bear forgives you!  Extra snuggles and all is forgiven!

I use dremel so this won't happen. I've quicked too many dogs to use clippers anymore. I'm a chicken! The dogs don't mind the dremel.It take a bit longer but works great for us.
How noisy is the dremel and what grade sandpaper do you use? Or am I thinking of something else?
Hi Stephanie, it'll take a couple of days for the nerve endings to heal.
Thanks guys! He seems better today - I'm home from work with a raging migraine and he's moving, running jumping without pain - I guess he got his pain revenge on me!


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