Does anyone else have a corgi who likes to be under your bed? I mean, she's always enjoyed being underneath things... and she would sometimes sleep under my bed even though she has a crate and a bed in my room... and she is always in my room, not out in the rest of the house where my family is...but now she is ALWAYS under my bed, being super antisocial... if I put her in her bed she'll relocate.

I'm going to google around and see if it means anything. I know I'm one of those overanalyzing owners/parents who wants total happiness for my dog at all times. Let me know if anyone has thoughts...

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Yes! My boy always sleeps under my bed.  He starts to sleep with me on the bed, but he goes to under the bed after certain time.

Also, he always enjoyed being underneath things too.. (ex. desk, chair, between my leg and bed) or he always leans on something... LOL

Yep.  I have two corgis that like to be under my bed haha.  Sometimes they take their toy or bone there as if he's keeping it safe from the other.  Maybe they just like being hidden in the dark?  They look funny when I look under the bed and shine a flashlight at them.
My dog Valentine sleeps under my bed too I think they just like to be alone lol and hide
thanks for all the feedback!! I guess my main concern was the sudden antisocial behavior when it's only ever been a once in a while event... :)
If she's spending a lot of time hiding all of a sudden, I would maybe check and make sure she's feeling okay. Henry sleeps under the bed at night too though. :)

Hi Blair, dogs are den animals, most of them do enjoy having their own place for rest and security. Think man cave :)

Max likes to sleep under the bed, Molly when she was small would go behind the toilet. She still likes to have her own room but thats another story.
Noodles likes going under our bed. This is also his security spot, so if anything scares him, that is where he will go. It is really funny when he just hides his head under the bed and leaves his back end out.
Yes Teagan the youngest tri loves being under our bed. I think it's her safe zone. Every time she even thinks she going to get a bath or medicine she will bolt there!
I'm glad to see that Ella isn't the only "cave dog".  She loves sleeping under the futon in the living room. The funny this is that she barely fits, but will still manage to roll over on her side. She even hides her toys under there (and our socks), just in case she needs them.
I agree with you.  What you describe is excessive.  One thing is a dog that likes to sleep under the bed, another is a dog that is always under the bed in preference to being around it's people.  I would first ask you if anything is going on in your home that is threatening or unpleasant from the dog's point of view, like small children who chase the dog or are always after the dog in some fashion, or another dog that is overwhelming.   If things are peaceful at your home (busy is OK) then I'd close off the bedrooms and encourage more interaction with the dog, like petting, short outings,  brushing, play, the occasional treat, body or ear gentle massaging, and anything you can think of as enjoyable.  I would let the dog sleep under the bed when I have to leave the house and the dog remains home alone, or at night, if that works for you.  The problem is not sleeping under the bed, the problem is poor socialization, so the aim in all of this is to help the dog become more sociable.
Thanks for the great feedback :) I'm in grad school and live at home with my parents, brother and two maltese. I deifnitely think she could be upset with my class and studying schedule which have gotten really busy lately...I've been having to drag her out to come watch tv with me and even then she'll head back into my I just wanted to see what other people have noticed when/if their dogs have done this...I am defintiely going to make it a point to spend more one on one time with her and I've been trying to get her out of the house on the weekends to have other play dates, go to the dog park, etc. Hopefully this phase ends soon :)


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