Does anyone else have a corgi who likes to be under your bed? I mean, she's always enjoyed being underneath things... and she would sometimes sleep under my bed even though she has a crate and a bed in my room... and she is always in my room, not out in the rest of the house where my family is...but now she is ALWAYS under my bed, being super antisocial... if I put her in her bed she'll relocate.

I'm going to google around and see if it means anything. I know I'm one of those overanalyzing owners/parents who wants total happiness for my dog at all times. Let me know if anyone has thoughts...

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Yes my Chevy he likes to sleep under my bed at night-- otherwise he is out all the time - just at night he is under there or if there is a bad storm he hides out under there too.. My Toby he can lay down anywhere he loves his pet bed the most..

My Tipper prefers to sleep in her "cave" under the bed at night. I think she feels secure there. Her favorite toys are also stashed there. 

Oh yes, mine started off under the bed as soon as we got him.  That's why I store all our carry on luggage and plastic storage bins there - keeps the corgi and the fur out of there!  He has his own (faux lamb fur) bed in the corner of the bedroom and loves it!


Dragging her from under the bed will make her resist you more.  Try sitting on the floor and getting her to come to you  with a super good treat, like a little piece of chicken, and staying on the ground real low  with her in a pleasing way.  She needs to want to be WITH you more  than she wants to be under the bed and trust that she can give up her place of security at least when you are there.  Then you can build on that.  Try putting a leash on her and keeping her near you more, when in the house, but it needs to be pleasing to the dog, not a forcing thing.  Once you have a behavior problem that has gotten firmly entrenched, it takes a lot of time and patience and careful observing to turn around and it sounds like you don't have much time because of your school commitments and other things that go on in a young person's life.  Is there anyone else that can help you work with the dog, so you have some consistency in what goes on and you give each other feedback with the goal of helping to make the dog better adjusted and comfortable in its environment?  If you got the dog from  a breeder or rescue group, maybe they can give you some good feedback too.  Has the dog always been skittish and shy, or has something changed?   My feeling is that there's a piece missing in this puzzle and you need to find that piece.  You may also have th Vet check her to rule out a physical problem.
One of mine, Annie, loved sleeping under the bed until she couldn't fit anymore.

My boy loves being under the bed and sleeps there a great deal of the time, but he is growing rapidly and

I don't think he will fit much longer.  He also has other hide outs (behind toilet, under dining room/kitchen 

counter).  When he was a baby, he would scoot under the toe area under kitchen cabinets but is way too 

big now.

Twinkie was under my husband's side of the bed ALL the time! When we got a new bed, there must have been 25 toys under there when they took the old bed out! She doesn't fit under the new bed and was very miffed about it all. Now she lays under my hubby's nightstand. Maybe we need to develop a new corgi dog bed with curtains :)
My boy (9weeks old) is always under the couch and under everything that he cud fit under, and hes a bit shy sometime. Once we took him out to meet a one year old golden retriever he got really scared, runaway and hide. Is it something normal?
Oh yes...Miss Sophie is in bed for awhile....then under bed...and when I wake during the night she is on her back in her bed next to mine...Just love her! I think that she has such odd habits but when reading about others...they are all the same! In growing up we always had dogs and in our teen years as kids my mom then breed dogs but let me tell all....there certainly no other dog that can surpass a Corgi. My husband was so against dogs until our daughter had surgery and what ever it took to make her feel better,,,well yup a dog. My husband would love to have another! They excellent pals!


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