I just cleaned dog toys out from under the couch and it was an all time record.

7 tennis balls

3 stuffies

1 squeaky

1 bully stick

2 rawhide chunks

1 Kong

It was a busy week for Becca I guess. How much do you all find?

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LOL!  Mine rarely put anything under the furniture.  The cats on the other hand tend to mortally wound mice who crawl under something or into things like shoes and proceed to die.  I find out about it when they begin to smell.  I would gladly trade that for dog stuff under the couch.

That's hilarious! My furbabies usually leave their toys right out in the middle of the floor so I can step on them, but under the couch lurks a whole world of furry dust bunnies!  No matter how often I sweep the amount of fur is amazing!  Its a wonder my corgis have any fur left at all!

We got tired of having to vacuum out tennis balls, squeeky toys, and all those cat play mice(the fake ones!), so we tacked on some molding to the bottom skirt of the couch and bookcases. Now the toys congregate on the rug instead of under stuff!

That is too funny! Nothing stays under our couch for long, because Jeff's favorite game is to push his toys under the couch and bark until I get them out for him. He goes insane if you leave anything under there for too long.

momo does not put his toys under the couch, rather, he tends to play and rough house with his toys until the end up flying under the couch or somewhere he can't reach.

But... he LOVES to hide his treats and bones INSIDE the crevasses of the couch.  Just this morning, while cleaning off the couch, i found tidbits of his bones in all crevasses that he could get into.  


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