Thought it would be fun to have a place to show corgi items we have found. I found my kissing corgi/salt and pepper shakers at a gift shop....never expected to see corgis so it was a pleasant surprise.

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Oooooooo I want this!!

Thank you, Beth. I had not seen this site before! I love the leash rack and x-mas ornaments!

I think I have to get one of those:)

I have a mirror from this site with both Sparty and Buffy on it. They used my photos to paint the corgis to match.

Love this

I was sent this tea towel by a friend in England:

Then I was given this china dog:

so then I started buying little china Corgis on eBay (the tiniest one was a give away with tea bags in the 1950s!):

stop me, I'm getting a little out of control....

I don't think anyone here will be able to stop you...we all have at least a liitle OCD:)  That's interesting about the tiniest corgi....I remember my mom telling me some of the glasses she got in various things in the 50's.

Yes, the tiny one is fun -- it's called a "Wade," an English porcelain company that made these tiny item to put a box of Tetley tea bags (or some English tea company....).

Then there are the other items given to me, the Folk Art Corgi and the garden statue -- and my one of a kind Corgi Butt earrings! (all below.)  When I picked Bertie up at his breeders, I laughed at the Corgi stuff everywhere -- now I think my house if possible is even more overrun!  But it's Corgi-riffic.

Where oh where did you get those corgi butt earrings? Too cute. Precious! Did someone make them for you?

Someone found them on eBay, and we've never been able to find them again!

You can get the earrings on  $24

Love, love, love the earrings. Have to get them , thanks for letting us know where.


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