I'm not sure if this is a phase but could really use some advice.  Foxy will be 8 months old on the 6th and has started getting up about midnight to go potty (we usually go to bed around 10:00) and then getting up at 4:30 for the day and wanting to play!  UGH!!!!  I am getting frustated and tired lol.  We haven't changed feeding time or cut off of water.  She gets a walk every night and even the nights she's exhausted after obedience class she still does this.  She does sleep in bed with us and I have tried putting her in her crate after her first time up but she just gets up at the same time.  I really thought it was a lack of exercise but I'm thinking she knows she can get away with it so she continues to do it.  I will say most times when she wakes up she really does have to go potty.  She slept more at 5 months than she does at 8 months.  Thank you for any words of wisdom, this is one tired mommy!  The funny thing is when I'm getting ready for work she lays at my feet and sleeps.  The life of a dog!

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Jeff went through this exact phase! I don't have any advice for you really, because eventually he just stopped. For about a month he would be up ALL NIGHT, and he definitely gets enough mental & physical stimulation. I take him on long walks, we play fetch all night, and he often goes to the dog park. Jeff sleeps in my room, and he used to sleep right next to me, but during this crazy phase I would just hear him running around the room all night and nudging me to wake up lol. Normally he doesn't get any chews in the room, so during that time I just let him chew on his antler or something so I could get some sleep. Now that he's is over 12 months old, he is sleeping like normal again :) 

LOL good then I'm not alone.  I end up going on the couch so my boyfriend can sleep and as soon as I doze off she barks at me, paws me or stands on me.  I'm with you I don't give her alot of chews but I usually give her a bully stick at least on Sat and Sun mornings just so I can get a little more sleep.  I also made the mistake of having her sit on my lap sometimes and I'll hold her antler while she chews on it.  Of course that's what she wants in the early morning hours.  I'll throw it and she brings it right back to me and drops it on me so I just hang my arm off the couch and she sits and chews on it.  I've created a monster lol but I love her to death!  I'll take your word for it she'll grow out of it.  BTW I think we got our dogs from the same breeder (Sarah at DeKunst Kennels), I thought I saw that in one of your other posts.  Maybe it's a genetic thing lol.  Your Jeff is very handsome.

Make sure she does not load up on water an hour or so before your bedtime.  I would get  her off the bed and in a crate and, if she fusses, simply tell her "quiet!" like you mean business and tap her crate if needed.  I would not let her out.   An alternate method would be, if you have her on the bed and she gets up, she gets immediately put in the crate (not taken out).

I would not do this with a younger puppy, but at 8 months, I would nip this new behavior in the bud.   She should stop in just a few days, if you stick to your guns. I

Should you notice more frequent urination during the day, or if she pees in her crate, have her checked out by the Vet.  My guess is that this is just behavioral.

BTW you must have been writing your response above, as I was typing my answer to you.  Your dog, as most dogs, is an excellent trainer! You just need to reverse the roles :-D

Anna I think that is a good idea.  I definately think it's behavorial not medical she doesn't have any other urination issues and yes she has trained me well lol.

Linus did this too. We would have to take him out sometime around 1am and he really had to go! (We tested it once and he peed on the floor). He also used to get up at 5am for the day, and have to go out again. UGH. However, when he got to be about a year old he started sleeping through the night. Now he'll stay in bed until we get up, even as late as 10am. He even sleeps in the bed with us now (he never did this before a year old, he always slept on the floor). We rolled with it and he's great now, but that period of a few months really sucked.

My 10 month old is doing the same thing! She has been getting up at all times of the night. Last night-she started crying at midnight and of course I thought she had to pee-but nooo, just didn't want to sleep in her crate. I let her out and she slept on the floor on a blanket until 3 am when she started cruising around wanting me to get up. I took her outside, she did her thing ( or pretended) and I put her in her downstairs crate ( she has one up and one down) and she slept until 6 am. Of course I slept on the couch in case she cried again. Maybe she likes her downstairs crate better!

She is not sick, she really doesn't need to go out, she is just a corgi! Good to hear that I am not alone. 

Time to put your proverbial foot down. This is an old post, but my advice has not changed. Happy slumber....

I agree with Anna...those darn smart Corgis!!!!! They know how to get you up!

Last night she went in her crate about 10-cried twice during the night and I quietly told her to go back to sleep...and SHE DID!!! 7 am I got her up...but of course this is just one night,but, hey-its a step in the right direction...

silly corgis...

That's a good sign....a few more like that and she will hopefully stop waking up at night.

On the very rare occasions Sully comes to me early and I am positive she doesn't need to go I roll over so my back is to her and she just goes back to sleep. The "talk to my back" trick always works for her, but I heard it works for others as well. The other suggestions sound great. This may just be an added cue to drive the point home if necessary.


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