I gave Lance one 25 mg pill at around 10:00 am for a trial run. He currently is still really groggy and laying by my husband. I am not liking watching him so groggy. :( He did wag his tail for me. Oh and it is 8:00 right now.

My daughter is mad at me, for giving him the Ace. Teenagers...sigh. Although I do know how she feels, I am trying to figure out the best solution. I definitely don't like seeing him like this.

Lance did perk up quite a bit to eat his dinner though!!!  My husband hand fed him until he knew he would be ok then Lance took over.  This was encouraging to see, how is it he could be so out of it, but bring food around and bam, awake!? 

I do think we are going to have to come up with some other solution to Lances anxiety on Saturday. It will be in the 100's so going for too many walks probably will be out of the question but maybe some short ones, including one right before the party.

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Poor Lance. Is there a different part of the house that he can be in also? Sorry for what you have to go through, I'm sure it's rough seeing him like this:(

I could put him in another part of the house, but he will just bark the entire time because he isn't with us or he hears all the commotion.  I may crate him and put a blanket over the crate and see how that goes..we did that one other time and it went pretty good.  I just will have to watch that no one lets him out when they shouldn't.  

So the new plan right now is to take him on a walk before the party starts.  I think I am going to pick up some DAP to spray on a bandana and I also think after getting back from the walk I will put on the thundershirt.  Fingers crossed, I think this is going to be as stressful for me as it is him.  I know I will try not to because they feed off of us. 


I think that often it is more stressful on us humans...I would sure try the crate if that has worked in the past. Good luck!

The stressful part is the non stop barking...for the guests, I can put up with it, but would like my guests to enjoy their stay. 

Maybe try giving Lance half that dose, seems like a large amount of ace for his size. I had a larger sized female corgi (about 38lbs.) and we had to give her ace before thunderstorms because she would shake and drool during storms and she was only getting 10mg. and it was enough to keep her quiet during storms but was back to herself after a several hours, it definately did not knock her out for the entire day. Good Luck, hopefully you will find something that works for him.


I'm thinking of trying  a 1/4 and then if that doesnt work then give him another 1/4.  A half just seems like it still would be too much.  Also I probably should put on his thundershirt and maybe that will help as well!  Thanks for your input.  :)

In my experience with Ace, timing was everything. Kramer was 38 pounds. If I gave him 1/4 a pill early enough it worked to mellow him out. One car trip I waited too long, he was a big bag of anxiety in the back seat. I stopped and gave him another 1/4. It didn't seem to kick in until after we got home and he began to relax. I would give him his dose at least an hour before you expect guests. Earlier if setting up for the party will have him edgy.

Thanks Marcie!  Thanks for the tips.  How long would you say the 1/4 lasted?

With Kramer it lasted about 6 hours, maybe a little longer. The car ride to and from my mother's is 4 and a half hours, then he would sleep for awhile after we got home. He wasn't totally out of it, just loopy. With him the sedation was much easier on him than the panic and anxiety from the car trip.

Have you tried Nature's Remedy?

I have not, was going to go to the pet store...and check out some options there. 

Good luck!


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