Hello, all!  Whilst surfing around the 'net I happened across a product that might be of interest to us all, especially those whose dogs have aggression or anxiety issues.  It's a series of leashes, collars and harnesses that announce problems your dog may or may not have!  They are both color coded and have large print to show whether a dog is friendly, aggressive, nervous, blind, deaf, in training, in need of adoption, or should be treated with caution.

I know that there is a sort of unofficial (or perhaps official?) movement to use yellow to indicate a dog that may need some extra space, but there are certainly many who are unaware of this warning system and may approach that needs space.  These are easy to read and seem like a much more realiable warning to others who might be approaching you and your dog(s).

What other clever or useful products have you all come across?  

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you mean the Yellow Dog Project? which is a great idea.

these are neat, i like that they have lots of options.

Oh I agree, I love the idea behind the Yellow Dog Project.  I just more people knew about it where I live.  There are some dogs here who really need a yellow ribbon on their leashes!

I've been thinking of printing out tons of the posters and stuff and just tacking them up at the local parks and around the neighborhood. Cuz we have a LOT of dogs in the area.

unfortunately, there are also a few dogs that are aggressive or whatever but their owners leave them off leash all the time anyway. :(

Very clever! Thanks for sharing!

This is a really great idea!


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