So, who gets lazy with the brushes and combs and does this instead?? Haha.

Wonder how well it works.

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Dino would not permit that.  What a great video

My golden retriever likes to be vacuumed. My border collie saw that the golden liked it, so he gave it a try and liked it. But the corgis are suspicious of the vacuum cleaner, and even though they have seen it done to the other dogs, they choose not to participate.

It doesn't look like it is accomplishing much, but the corgi is adorable.

Corbin is so cute! My mom calls him "sofa dog". 

I have the Dyson groom tool attachment for my vacuum.  I did a post on Tumblr about the second time I used it on Luna.  Since then she just comes to me to get done, since she knows we'll go on a therapy visit soon after.  She's definitely not as easy as Corbin, but she's getting there.  At least she doesn't attempt to run away anymore!


Here's the link to the video. Sorry it's sideways, but I have no way of fixing it short of deleting it.

I have tried to do that to scout.  Even had a long hose and the vacuum was in the other room.  It was still a no go

We also use the Dyson tool.It took Our girl Keri about 6 months to trust the noise and action.Crazy Merlin loved it from the start.Now,Keri pushes him out of the way to get sucked up first :).

That is great but I can not imagine my vacuum surviving the encounter!

I would never be able to get far with that, but Poopdeck loves the hair dryer after a bath!

I would consider this but my dogs hate the vaccum noise so i doubt they would allow me to do this ;( great dog!!

Haha! That corgi sure loves it ;) I don't think Napolean would like it though.


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