I am conflicted about what to do with one of my dogs that is over 14 yrs old and has developed very bad breath.

 The Vet checked her and said her teeth are not that bad and suggested rubbing her teeth with a peroxide-baking soda mixture. She is healthy and has no problem eating.  Her breath however tells a different story and she sleeps right next to my bed. A doggie dental specialist offers a  cleaning package for $ 575 (bloodwork, X-rays and cleaning)  but also states this does not cover anything else that may show up on X-Rays.  The possible cost escalation and the anesthesia  risk at her age give me pause....  In the past I was always able to regularly scale my dog's teeth, so my older dogs were always in good shape, but this has not been possible for me to do in the last few years because my eyesight is such that I could inadvertently hurt the dog.

I would like to know what other people's experiences may have been with dogs of advanced age in regards to teeth cleanings and or anesthesia and cost.

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@ Joyce, Norwegian kelp, which is the only ingredient listed ( as D1070 so you would not know it's simply  kelp unless you researched it....) in PlaqueOff, if it really does work as you say, can be bought a lot more cheaply in bulk powdered form.  I would simply refill the bottle and use the scoop for a measure.  Why would kelp keep tartar from forming in dogs and cats and not in humans?  I have taken kelp regularly for years for its thyroid support features, but it has not had any effect on tartar buildup.  I'm not saying it's not so, but I am puzzled.

You make an excellent point, especially since the company makes a product for humans.  http://www.plaqueoff.com/  I just sent an email to the company to ask and I'll post the answer.  

I wanted to mention that our daughter had Follicular thyroid cancer in her early twenties and subsequently had her thryoid removed.  At first she took Synthroid which didn't work at all for her, and then she switched to Armour Thyroid which made all the difference in the world. Anyway, in the process of learning more about how our thyroid glands work we learned about the need for iodine in our diets, which of course you're aware of because you take Kelp.  Have you heard of the supplement called Iodoral ?  Our daughter started supplementing with it a few months ago and she feels so much better.  Until I started reading about iodine I didn't even realize that the 4 in T4 and the 3 in T3 refers to the number of molecules of iodine.   You can learn more by listening to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-QCZAmXHqg

I remember reading about Iodoral, but it was awhile ago.  I will watch the video with interest.  As for Kelp and tartar prevention, I am suspicious of claims made by people selling the product when I find no independent, uninterested sources to confirm the claims. I am happy to hear your daughter is doing well. I will share your information with a friend who recently had the same kind of surgery.

I'll be sure to post the reply I get from the company.  

I just realized I never got a reply from the company regarding the question about what is different about their product than regular kelp.  I'm thinking the reply went into my spam box which is deleted automatically.  I just emailed them again and added the email address to my contact list so their reply own't go into my spam box.  BTW I just ordered another container of Proden after finishing the first one that I purchased in March. My dog's teeth are sparkling white and I do not now what else to attribute that to other than the Proden.  

Well, after reading reviews from users in Sweden (where I am from), Holland, US and several other countries, I figured it was worth trying, and also nothing "chemical." So far so good and I plan to keep using it.  I also brush his teeth once or twice a week, for good measure...

We've been using Proden since March 18th and I just started on a new 180 ml container a few days ago. Wilson's teeth are sparkling white so I'll continue using it.  I sent an email to the company to inquire about the kelp in the product and to ask how it's any different from the kelp that people take to add iodine to their diet, but I have not received a reply.  :(  I don't appreciate that they haven't replied to my message but their product seems to work well. 

Assuming that it is the kelp that is helping with tartar prevention ( and I'm still not convinced of that, since it does not do that for people, so why for dogs? ) it would be a lot cheaper to refill your container with powdered kelp and use your scoop as a measure....

I just ordered that Pro Den....I read the many reviews on Amazon and they really were favorable.  Katie just had her teeth cleaned and Max will have his done on the 9th.  I also have 3 cats, all under the age of 6.  Vet commented last time I had Gemma in that she was getting a little tarter.  So it it keeps the dogs' teeth clean and prevents build up for the cats I will be happy.  I tried something to put in the water and 4 of the 5 wouldn't drink the water.  Since corgis are total chowhounds they won't even stop to taste it in their food.

There's quite a bit more info at the Proden website: http://www.plaqueoff.com/for-animals/  My two pups don't pay any attention to the addition of the Proden to their food.   It's such a small amount anyway.  You're right about calling them Chowhounds !  By the way, the container seems to last forever.  I purchased the 180 gm container on March 18th and it still isn't gone. 

A BIG thank you to whomever posted about using a child's electric toothbrush to clean their corgi's teeth. I don't know why I never thought of that (old age?? ). I happened to see some kids' battery powered toothbrushes on a clearance rack the other day so picked one up. Sophie still doesn't like the procedure but she is much more tolerant of it and her heart doesn't race like it did before; neither does mine. It makes the whole process easier on both of us. We have been much more diligent about doing it every day since I bought it, too. Thanks again for the great idea!

Max goes for his dental cleaning tomorrow.  Yes, I am a nervous wreck, he is my boy.  They will test him first to make sure he is ok to be put under.  I will also pin a note to his harness about his neck...to not let it flop over while he is out, it has to be supported.

And you would think that I am the worst dog mommy in the world.  If you think kids can guilt you because you won't let them have something...they ain't got nothing on dogs.  You would think he hasn't had a scrap of food in days not just since 6 pm.  He is so bent out of shape that he didn't get his carrot after he came in when hubby let them out and OMG....the dirty looks I got when he didn't get his biscuit when we came upstairs.  Man is he ever gonna be ticked at me when he doesn't get his breakfast in the morning.  Katie isn't gonna be happy either, she will have to wait till I get home from dropping Max off.


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