About 18 months ago we moved to the other side of the state. For awhile I went back to my old one since we had used them for about 20 years. It got old driving that far  so we found one that we got personal references from people for. They have been great but knew me and knew what I was talking about! 

A couple weeks ago I became worried about Sage and talked with them about whether she could be depressed since losing 2 of her best buddies. She had also had dental work done and that all the lab work was fine.We all agreed that it was probably that. Nothing seemed to be getting better and Sage seemed to be acting different and hanging out in the bedroom more and more.

I scooped up a poop sample this AM and asked if I could bring it in(I'm sure they thought I was nuts by now). WELL...Sage has Coccidia. Had I NOT known my dog I may have waited longer...

Sometimes we (pet owners) need be more proactive!!!!!

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I'm so glad you pursued this and got a diagnosis!  And from the reading I've done it is stressed related.  I hope she feels better quickly.  She needs a new buddy.

She has a buddy Linda...we got him shortly after Wynn and Teddy died...they do fine together but I think Sage still wants her old buddies...we went through Celtic Corgi Rescue. They are great and Corgi Coalition Transport help get them up here. I brought along a 2nd Corgi who went on to Canada!

Good catch on your part. You are so right about being proactive.

That would make sense that it might be stressed related...she's been through so much with losing 2 of her best buddies so close together!

You know your dogs best. Glad you found the problem and hope Sage feels great again soon.


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